Here are some of the Prospective Parliamentary Candidates for the Isle of Wight

If an early election is called, here are some of the people who have been selected as Prospective Parliamentary Candidates for the Isle of Wight.

Polling station :

It hasn’t been called yet, but with the possibility of a general election looming, here’s a roundup of Prospective Parliamentary Candidates for the Isle of Wight.

If an election is called, polling will only be for one seat. See below for update on the prospect of two MPs for the largest constituency in the country (voting population around 110,000).

The candidates
So far only four Prospective Parliamentary Candidates have been revealed, as follows:

  • Brexit Party – Peter Wiltshire
  • Conservative Party – Bob Seely
    Chairman David Pugh told OnTheWight at the end of July 2019 “We have no vacancy on the Isle of Wight, as Bob Seely has been re-selected.”
  • Green Party – Vix Lowthion
  • Labour Party – No selection yet
    According to Island Labour’s secretary, Robert Jones, “The National Executive Committee is drawing up a shortlist of nominees, from which constituency Labour parties will select the candidate they want.”
  • Liberal Democrats – Nick Stuart
  • UKIP – No selection yet

OnTheWight has had a local politician tell us they would be standing as an independent candidate, but this has not been formally announced yet.

Previous results
The last General Election took place in 2017 and saw Bob Seely attract 51.28% of the vote.

1st – Bob Seely Conservative – 38,190
2nd – Julian Critchley – Labour: 17,121
3rd – Vix Lowthion – Green: 12,915
4th – Nicholas Belfitt – Liberal Democrat: 2,740
5th – Daryll Pitcher – UKIP: 1,921
6th – Julie Jones-Evans – Independent: 1,592

Two Wight MPs not enacted yet
Only one seat as Boundary Commission’s proposal for two seats has not been approved by Government yet.

A spokesperson for the Boundary Commission told OnTheWight,

“The recommendations of the 2018 review of constituencies by the Boundary Commission for England have not yet been debated in Parliament.

“Therefore, were there to be a general election before the new constituencies were enacted, that general election would be held on the existing constituencies.

“In the case of the Isle of Wight, this would mean that there would be one constituency covering the whole Island.”

Image: johnkeane under CC BY 2.0

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Geoff Brodie

Karl Love, IW Councillor for East Cowes is likely to stand. As may a ‘Respect the Referendum’ Labour candidate if Labour don’t select wisely.