Isle of Wight ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ latest list: 11th August 2020 (updated)

Twenty new Isle of Wight venues added and four drop out in our latest Eat Out to Help Out info – News OnTheWight’s popular, single, sort-able list. The simple way to find where to get your 50% meal discount

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The Eat Out to Help Out; Isle of Wight guide we put out last week was loved by you.

Turns out that people love getting a 50% discount – Who would have guessed? :)

Updated list
To make sure you have the latest information available, we’ve been through all of the new Government-supplied data, line by line, updating the list below.

Four businesses have dropped out, but twenty news ones have joined the list, so there’s an even greater choice for you.

Don’t forget, you get a 50% discount, up to a maximum of £10 per person, on food and non-alcoholic drinks, any Monday to Wednesday in August at the businesses below – and you can go as often as you like.

Marconi's RestaurantAlum BayPO39 0JD
The Fighting CocksArretonPO30 3AR
The White LionArretonPO30 3AA
Bembridge Sailing ClubBembridgePO35 5NR
Crab & LobsterBembridgePO35 5TR
Framptons'BembridgePO35 5SD
LockslaneBembridgePO35 5XN
Propeller InnBembridgePO35 5PW
Village InnBembridgePO35 5SF
Whitecliff Bay Holiday ParkBembridgePO35 5PL
Blackgang ChineBlackgangPO38 2HN
The Bonchurch InnBonchurchPO38 1NU
Oasis Interior LandscapesBradingPO36 0QA
The Yarbridge InnBradingPO36 0AA
Brighstone NewsagentsBrighstonePO30 4AH
Isle Of Wight PearlBrighstonePO30 4DD
Valentino's RestaurantCarisbrookePO30 1NT
Wight Mouse InnChalePO38 2HA
Chessell Pottery CafeChessellPO41 0UE
All About CateringCowesPO31 7UT
Call It What You WantCowesPO31 7RL
Cowes TandooriCowesPO31 7RS
Food Shack And Bar At GurnardCowesPO31 8QE
Gastronomy CowesCowesPO31 7RR
Gurnard PressCowesPO31 8JW
Harbour KitchenCowesPO31 7AX
Island Sailing ClubCowesPO31 7RE
Jolliffes CowesCowesPO31 7BE
Mojac's Restaurant And BarCowesPO31 7BG
MurraysCowesPO31 7AT
New Holmwood HotelCowesPO31 8BW
Portland InnCowesPO31 8JN
Royal London Yacht ClubCowesPO31 7QS
Royal Ocean Racing ClubCowesPO31 7QU
Spice CentralCowesPO31 7AT
The Anchor InnCowesPO31 7SA
The Basque KitchenCowesPO31 7HT
The Coast Bar And Dining RoomCowesPO31 7BG
The Duke Of YorkCowesPO31 7BT
The Pier ViewCowesPO31 7RY
The Red Duster RestaurantCowesPO31 7RS
The YachtsmanCowesPO31 7QS
Toninos Italian RestaurantCowesPO31 7BE
Travellers' JoyCowesPO31 8LS
Woodvale HotelCowesPO31 8LE
Robin HillDownendPO30 2NU
Albert Cottage Hotel & RestaurantEast CowesPO32 6BD
Shoreside CafeEast CowesPO32 6AD
The LifeboatEast CowesPO32 6UB
The Lunch Box CafeEast CowesPO32 6EP
Waverley Park Holiday CentreEast CowesPO32 6AW
Cafe Moa, West Wight SportsFreshwaterPO40 9XH
Dimbola Tea RoomFreshwaterPO40 9QE
End Of The Line CafeFreshwaterPO40 9UH
The Freshwater Coffee HouseFreshwaterPO40 9AJ
The Hut, Colwell BayFreshwaterPO40 9NP
The Rabbit Hole IowFreshwaterPO40 9AS
The Red LionFreshwaterPO40 9BP
The SugarloafFreshwaterPO40 9UT
The Vine InnFreshwaterPO40 9UP
The GriffinGodshillPO38 3JD
The Old SmithyGodshillPO38 3HZ
The Old World Tea RoomsGodshillPO38 3HZ
The Taverners InnGodshillPO38 3HZ
Woods KitchenGodshillPO38 3HH
The White Hart InnHavenstreetPO33 4DP
The Pointer InnNewchurchPO36 0NN
Ambassador FreehouseNewportPO30 5LE
Bengal PalaceNewportPO30 1HS
Board Cafe BarNewportPO30 1LQ
Cafe 93NewportPO30 1BQ
Caffe IsolaNewportPO30 1LG
Castle Inn NewportNewportPO30 1BQ
ComicoffeeNewportPO30 1UL
Cornerstop CafeNewportPO30 1JZ
Forest View CafeNewportPO30 5NB
Gods Providence HouseNewportPO30 1SL
Hewitt's RestaurantNewportPO30 5ET
Hong Kong ExpressNewportPO30 5EP
Long IslandNewportPO30 5AZ
Love CoffeeNewportPO30 1XA
Mcdonald's RestaurantNewportPO30 1LB
Newport & District Conservative ClubNewportPO30 1XB
One HolyroodNewportPO30 5AU
Pasha GrillNewportPO30 1TY
Peach Vegan KitchenNewportPO30 1LB
Quay ArtsNewportPO30 5BD
Sportsmans RestNewportPO30 4LP
SubwayNewportPO30 1JU
TamarindNewportPO30 1LQ
The Bargeman's RestNewportPO30 5BS
The Blacksmiths ArmsNewportPO30 5SS
The Blue DoorNewportPO301UX
The BreezeNewportPO30 2LA
The CafeNewportPO30 5UX
The Dairymans DaughterNewportPO30 3AA
The Eight BellsNewportPO30 1NR
The George InnNewportPO30 1LB
The StagNewportPO30 5TW
The Sun InnNewportPO30 4EH
The Walled Garden CafeNewportPO30 5AU
Town Choice CafeNewportPO30 1JU
Waverley InnNewportPO30 1PA
The Horse And GroomNingwoodPO30 4NW
The White LionNitonPO38 2AT
The Chequers InnRookleyPO38 3NZ
The Lakes RookleyRookleyPO38 3LU
Alamo Bar And GrillRydePO33 2DY
Appley Manor HotelRydePO33 1PH
Bagel Wrap Coffee HouseRydePO33 2LG
Bartletts Green Farm Tea RoomsRydePO33 1QQ
Blacksheep Bar And Club LoungeRydePO33 2LF
Busy Bee NurseriesRydePO33 1QG
Coffee PotRydePO33 2DU
Fumo 33RydePO33 2LE
Ganders RestaurantRydePO33 1UQ
Hong Kong Express RestaurantRydePO33 2DY
House Of ZabreRydePO33 2DU
Isle Of Wight Bus And Coach MuseumRydePO33 2BE
KevarsRydePO33 2RE
Koffee BarRydePO33 2AA
Leo Leisure BingoRydePO33 2HX
Leo Leisure Commodore CinemaRydePO33 2HX
Long John EaterRydePO33 2EA
Mcdonald's RestaurantRydePO33 1QG
Monkton Arts And The Lounge CafeRydePO33 1JP
No64RydePO33 2JF
Royal Esplanade HotelRydePO33 2ED
Slice Of Life CafeRydePO33 2HW
So YummyRydePO33 2HT
SubwayRydePO33 2LN
T & D Kitchen RydeRydePO33 2AA
The Captains TableRydePO33 1JA
The DuckRydePO33 1LE
The FishbourneRydePO33 4EU
The Kebab HouseRydePO33 2PN
The MarineRydePO33 2DZ
The Mermaid BarRydePO33 1PX
The PavilionRydePO33 2EL
The Wonky GoatRydePO33 2DT
Yelfs HotelRydePO33 2LG
Barnabys RestaurantSandownPO36 8JR
Bear CafeSandownPO36 0PJ
Bellamy'sSandownPO36 8AD
Bugle InnSandownPO36 0DQ
CaulkheadsSandownPO36 8AY
Coffee Shop at Rectory MansionSandownPO36 0DQ
Daisy's Bakery And TearoomsSandownPO36 8DA
Eastern EyeSandownPO36 8AQ
Haldi Indian RestaurantSandownPO36 9JL
Kate CottageSandownPO36 8AD
Little Dessert ShopSandownPO36 8JR
Melville Hall HotelSandownPO36 9DH
Muzza'sSandownPO36 8DE
Pedallers CafeSandownPO36 0NP
SerenitysSandownPO36 8AQ
Shanklin And Sandown Golf ClubSandownPO36 9PR
Surfside DinerSandownPO36 8AE
Swad North Indian CuisineSandownPO36 8DE
The BandstandSandownPO36 8AT
The Beach CafeSandownPO36 8JR
The Culver Haven InnSandownPO36 8QT
The Garlic FarmSandownPO36 0NR
The Ocean Deck Bar & RestaurantSandownPO36 8AE
The ReefSandownPO36 8AE
The Wildheart CafeSandownPO36 8QB
The BoathouseSeaviewPO345AW
The Old Barracks RestaurantSeaviewPO34 5AR
The Seaview HotelSeaviewPO34 5EX
AmiciShanklinPO37 6JJ
ArtyshakesShanklinPO37 7LA
Beach Cafe 34ShanklinPO37 6BG
Blueberrys CafeShanklinPO37 6HS
Bournehall Country Hotel & RestaurantShanklinPO37 6RR
Brunswick HotelShanklinPO37 6AN
Caesars Restaurant Shanklin Beach HotelShanklinPO37 6BJ
Channel View HotelShanklinPO37 6EH
Cinderellas Tea RoomShanklinPO37 6JZ
Cinnamon Restaurant And TakeawayShanklinPO37 7AF
Foxhills Of ShanklinShanklinPO37 6LS
No 64 ShanklinShanklinPO37 6JN
Paramount CafeShanklinPO37 6NJ
Pavarotti RestaurantShanklinPO37 6NS
Pencil Cottage Tea GardenShanklinPO37 6NU
PendletonsShanklinPO37 6NR
Rylstone Tea GardensShanklinPO37 6RG
Shanklin Conservative ClubShanklinPO37 6AU
Shanklin Conservative ClubShanklinPO37 6AU
Somerton LodgeShanklinPO37 6LT
The ChestnutsShanklinPO37 6EA
The CliftonShanklinPO37 6AN
The Old Thatch TeashopShanklinPO37 6NU
The Steamer InnShanklinPO37 6BS
The Waterfront InnShanklinPO37 6BN
Tumblers CafeShanklinPO37 7AT
Vernon CottageShanklinPO37 6AA
The Crown InnShorwellPO30 3JZ
Hungry Bear CafeSt HelensPO33 1XS
The Galley at BHYCSt. HelensPO33 1XQ
Highdown InnTotland BayPO39 0HY
The Bay ColwellTotland BayPO39 0DA
Besty & SpinkysVentnorPO38 1JR
Buddle InnVentnorPO38 2NE
Carnaby Tea RoomsVentnorPO38 1LU
Masala BayVentnorPO381ST
T & D Kitchen VentnorVentnorPO38 1RZ
The BlenheimVentnorPO38 1RY
The HambroughVentnorPO38 1SQ
The Mill BayVentnorPO38 1JR
The SeapotVentnorPO38 1HP
Toni’s Tea RoomVentnorPO38 1EU
Ventnor Botanic GardenVentnorPO38 1UL
Waterside CafeVentnorPO38 1JX
The White Horse InnWhitwellPO38 2PY
Bluebells At BriddlesfordWoottonPO33 4RY
Darwin (Woodside Bay)WoottonPO33 4JT
CiboWootton BridgePO33 4PF
Lakeside Park Hotel & SpaWootton BridgePO33 4LJ
The CedarsWootton BridgePO33 4QU
The Woodmans ArmsWootton BridgePO33 4RQ
Bugle Coaching InnYarmouthPO41 0NS
CucinaYarmouthPO41 0PL
Kings HeadYarmouthPO41 0PB
Off The RailsYarmouthPO41 0QT
On The RocksYarmouthPO41 0PJ
Royal Solent Yacht ClubYarmouthPO41 0NS
The Cow Restaurant And BarYarmouthPO410YJ
The Gossips CafeYarmouthPO41 0NS

You can check which chains are taking part in the scheme by visiting the Government Website.

Do let us know
We’ve taken this data from the Government source. We’ve worked hard to minimise errors, but it is possible there might be some. If you see anything wrong, please do get in touch, so we can correct any errors they may have made.

Article edit
5.15pm 11th Aug 2020 – Added venues that hadn’t listed themselves with Gov as being on the Isle of Wight.
7.40am 26th Aug 2020 – Updated venue list

Tuesday, 11th August, 2020 11:42am



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