Isle of Wight Liberal Democrat MP hopeful one of youngest in country

The Isle of Wight Liberal Democrats have announced their prospective parliamentary candidate – who is one of the youngest LibDem candidates in the country.

polling station

This in from Nick Belfitt. Ed

Isle of Wight Liberal Democrats announce Nick Belfitt as their Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Isle of Wight.

The Isle of Wight Liberal Democrats have announced that Nick Belfitt has been selected as the PPC for the Isle of Wight for the June 8th General Election.

Following the Local party meeting on Saturday Mr Belfitt has taken up the role replacing 2015 candidate David Goodall.
On being selected Mr Belfitt announced that Islanders are now seeking a true Island voice and someone who could fight for their place in Westminster.

Nick said

“I am deeply honoured on being selected for a chance to represent my home. But now the real work begins. This is now the time for the Island to be offered a true voice in Parliament one that will finally fight tooth and nail for our Island.

“I am passionate and want to take the Island issues straight to heart of Westminster. People are tired of the established groups, they need know this isn’t a re-run of 2015 but a time for real change.

“As a Liberal Democrat I will fight to end the era of complacency by the office of the MP and bring a true voice in Westminster.”

Nick Belfitt holding lib dem banner

The Isle of Wight Liberal Democrats have put their support behind Mr Belfitt who has been the Chair of the party for the past two years.

Previous Candidate for Lib Dems in 2015 David Goodall said,

“I have known Nick for 3 years. He is passionate about the Island and his community. He is a great campaigner and as an Islander living in Shanklin will work tirelessly for the
Island if elected on the 8th June”

The Liberal Democrats nationally have argued that the aim of the party is to fight for its position in the Single Market and Customs Union both which the Isle of Wight Lib Dems have supported as being vital to Islands Business and communities.

Who is Nick Belfitt?
Nick is the Liberal Democratic choice for the Isle of Wight. Nick came to the island when he was 7, years old was educated and grew up here. Having witnessed the failure of having a strong local representative in Parliament and with the Island’s dwindling economy and below average educational results, Nick realised that if he wanted to see real change and have a new voice in Parliament, he needed to take a proactive approach.

At 18, Nick went to university to study Politics with International Relations at the University of Surrey. During his time, Nick gained the experience of being a strong political campaigner after being involved in a joint teacher-student protest to stop the university cutting jobs. He also actively campaigned for the Liberal Democrats Surrey candidate, undertaking door-to-door canvassing. After university, Nick returned to the island to join in rebuilding the Isle of Wight Liberal Democrats – he started as Leader of the Young IW Liberal Democrats but soon became Chair of the main branch and has overseen the return of the Party as a political force.

Nick is currently training on the island to become a teacher at a local 6th Form College. At 24 Nick is one of the Liberal Democrats’ youngest candidates but he is enthusiastic, bold and passionate about his community, and will fight to enhance the Island’s future.

Saturday, 22nd April, 2017 4:33pm



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Will Nick Belfitt go on record before the Election to confirm that neither he nor his party if elected will again act as Tory enablers by entering into a coalition with Theresa May’s Tories


Only one at a loose end?


It’s a sad day for the IW Lib Dems if this semi-literate character is the best they can muster at this time.


And the best the Tories have is a bloke who has spent 15 years as our MP, achieving nothing of any note for his constituency in that time.


Wow does it make you feel important making fun of someone’s disability who trying hard to better themselves and the place they live and work. No need for rude comments!

What is his disability? I’m just going on the dirge I’ve seen him post over months on here and also personal dialogue with him, too. It’s like talking with someone who’s only capable of regurgitating party lines, badly spelled and barely coherently. An MP needs to be able to communicate effectively. We have a startlingly ineffective MP at the moment, one would hope for a competent replacement.… Read more »
Luisa Hillard

I believe he has dyslexia.

However, I do agree with you that Councillors and MPs need to be able to communicate effectively.

At least MPs get staff members to assist them and write letters on their behalf.

His Dad
Nick won’t thank us for disclosing his dyslexia on here and he would never use it as an excuse. All of his official written correspondence is checked, but his eagerness to reply on Social Media occasionally lets him down which he needs to work on. My wife and I are extremely proud of our son being selected by the local party and Lib Dem HQ in Westminster.… Read more »
Luisa Hillard
I believe that Nick has stated that he has dyslexia himself on social media (a few times that I’ve seen) when he has been criticised for poor spelling. I expect that it’s not often a potential MP is young enough to have their parents cheering them on. ‘His Dad’ is right to be proud. In the same situation my parents would be proud too, though secretly my… Read more »
What a disgraceful post! Presumably you consider the following dyslexics equally incapable of successful communications in their chosen fields? I say this as someone unlikely to vote LD on the island but defend Nick Belfitt’s right to stand. Taken from Wikipedia, they include: Sam Allardyce, English footballer and football manager[1] Anthony Andrews, English actor[2] Jennifer Aniston, actor[3] Louise Arnold, English author[4] Michael “Atters” Attree, English satirical writer… Read more »

TL;DR. Not sure what bad copy and pasting is adding to the debate.


You are an extraordinarily ignorant individual. Dyslexia has nothing to do with one’s ability to act as an MP. It is word blindness. Would you say the same about someone who is physically blind or disabled?

billy builder

Dyslexia also has nothing to do with intelligence, with some of our brightest and most talented individuals suffering from the condition, such as Albert Einstein. Having said that being dyslexic doesn’t automatically make you a genius. See below for some achievers.

L Barrell

So people with disabilities are now not allowed to stand as a candidate? At least Nick has the guts to stand up and be counted despite his dyslexia.

Nobody is suggesting that a dyslexic candidate should not stand; my own son is severely dyslexic and I would not like to think of this stopping him doing anything…however, there is no need to spout the sort of garbled nonsense that Nick regularly does. Unfortunately his comments make him appear as if he has no grasp of local or national government, how policies are made, what the… Read more »
Of course he has no grasp of local or national government. He’s not mature enough. Why oh why we allow young people to believe they can represent us at the highest office in the land heaven only knows. In my view, and yes it is only my view before you stat throwing things at me, prospective MP’s ought to have gone out and achieved something, made a… Read more »


Luisa Hillard

Tell us that you won’t support a coalition with the Conservatives in County Hall, or Westminster because we know that some of your candidates do.

billy builder
Luisa, logic should tell you that the LibDems could never support either a right-wing Tory party that is intent on driving the Country to the hardest of hard BRexits, or an far-left Labour party under Jeremy Corbyn àlso intent on a hard BRexit and who forced his party to deny the people a vote on the final outcome. With regard to local politics the as things stand… Read more »
Bob Spendley

I would like to read that a candidate from whatever party was going to fight for the Island, not the single market. His priorities seems are a bit skewed just following the party line.

billy builder
This island is totally dependent on an EU migrant workforce, and without that migrant workforce the island will struggle. Lets be quite clear all of the essential elements of the islands economy and services need that EU labour, whether it be the NHS for doctors, nurses or ancillary staff; hotel and catering for chiefs, waiters or other serving staff; wight salads for people to manage and pick… Read more »
The Sandman
I have not decided yet what I am going to vote. I will wait until all parties and indies have declared their candidates and look to see how they are going to represent our island and people in Westminster. Would it be a Risk..? in voting for a young candidate such as Nick Belfitt or a green like Vix Lowthion, or even one of the other candidates.… Read more »
fed up

The only question we have to answer is – do we want our PM to be Theresa May or Jeremy Corbin. Any other question is irrelevant.

Rod Manley

A word or two for Labour, some of us have come to Labour because of Jeremy Corbyn. Select a candidate who professes to be Corbynite and we will vote and campaign for that candidate, otherwise it will be Vix.



Please visit

Look at what gets posted, and draw your own conclusions. Island Labour isn’t “Corbynite” or “Anti-Corbynite”. We’re Labour. We’re campaigning for Labour policies, guided by Labour values, and supporting Labour candidates all the way from Jeremy Corbyn to Geoff Lumley.

Join the fight!


JC,Is Geoff Lumley Labour Right then?


I’m certainly not going to try to categorise Geoff! He’s his own man, a proud and long-time Labour man, and if you want to know where he stands on issues, I have absolutely no doubt he’ll happily tell you himself.


JC,It was you who stated the difference.Or was just made up?


Ah, I see – you misunderstood. I meant from the very top of the party to the most local level. Not from left to right.

The dangers of text-only communication, hey?

Geoff Lumley

You must know little about local politics if you think I am Labour Right…….

billy builder

geoff, looney left is where you’re at and on the sidelines of british politics is where you and the Corbyn labour party will be on 9th June

Geoff Lumley

No matter what happens on June 8th Labour will still have more seats than your LibDems and their homophobic leader


Scary, isn’t it.

Nationally, do we wind up with a “looney left” Labour Government, or a hard right Tory Government.

Not much to look forward to, either way.

Best we can hope for is a hung Parliament, I guess.

Steve Goodman
Because it is scary that so many bad and mad are in power here and beyond, helping the harmful and failing to deliver us from further damage, shouldn’t we all be voting, acting, and wherever possible spending better than before? Over the weekend, more than a billion of us took part in celebrations, teach-ins, protests, and the Marches for Science around the world linked to Earth Day.… Read more »
billy builder

Geoff, you’re quite right, the anti-Semitic Labour party under Corbyn will almost certainly have more MP’s than the LibDems. But having said that in the majority of both Tory and Labour seats those parties could put up a dead parrot for election and it would still get voted in, provided that is that it was nailed to its perch that is !

billy builder
suruk, all we can hope is that the LibDems vote on May 5th reaches a critical mass that will encourage all Remain Labour and Tory voters to come on board. If that happens then the LibDems will certainly regain most seats lost in 2010, and will hopefully pick up enough other seats to make up for the Tory gains from Labour. The young voters new to this… Read more »

Good Luck Nick. Its its nice to see someone young who has grown up on the Island being the voice of it. I hope you encourage more of the young to vote as most of the Islands voters think there Tory’s because either there retired or own a bungalow and are voting for dreams and vague memories not the future.

Mrs Retired Hack

I don’t know if I’ll vote for him, but I wish Nick Belfitt good luck. It takes courage and enthusiasm to stand for public office. His youth is a point in his favour as far as I’m concerned. We were all young once…

fed up

ever heard the expression ’employ a teenager, while they’re still young enough to know everything’?

Nick Stuart
As a Liberal Democrat Council Candidate I’ve been impressed by Nick’s capabilities and his political awareness and effort to engage with the island. Previously working in Whitehall and dealing with many MPs and Ministers over the years I fully believe Nick can be an excellent MP and I would urge anyone to support him. Personally I believe that the Liberal Democrats have an excellent record of supporting… Read more »
Steven Goodman
? ‘As an active concerned citizen I’ve been less impressed by Nick’s capabilities and his political awareness and effort to engage with the island than I have been by Vix’s. Previously cohabiting with somebody who worked in Whitehall, (including time at No.10) and dealing with many MPs and the occasional Minister over the years I fully believe Vix can be an excellent MP and I would urge… Read more »
billy builder
Steve, whilst am fully aware that you are an ardent Green suppprter; and that Vix comes across as a very strong candidate, I do believe that you need to think very carefully what you are trying to achieve in this election. That is if we all go for our own flavour of centre-left politics then it is absolutely certain that AT will be returned. If this happens… Read more »
Steve Goodman
And I am fully aware that you are an ardent Libdem ‘suppprter’, that Nick does not come across as a very strong candidate, and that there are good grounds to say that Vix is now is the Island’s best candidate and well deserves our support – partly because she should if elected also satisfy voters fond of Labour and Libdem politics. I do believe that you need… Read more »
billy builder
Steve, firstly the LibDems and the Liberals before them have always fought the environmental case and always will. Secondly by setting your sights unachievably high you are setting yourself up for complete failure, which totally undermines the enviromental case. As I said before, I agree that Vix would make a fine MP (as would Nick), but wearing the Green badge she will only ever get the support… Read more »
Steve Goodman
Firstly the Greens have always fought the environmental case best and always will. Secondly by setting your sights unachievably high you are setting yourself up for complete failure, which totally undermines the Libdem case. As I said before, I agree that Vix would make a fine MP for reasons I have given, but I’m not convinced that Nick would. She has my support not just because of… Read more »
Steve Goodman
‘And I’m one of those now less than impressed by LD council candidate BS Bob Packham’s bungled hijacking capabilities and his evidently poor level of political awareness and effort to engage with the island’, as demonstrated by his distribution of a ‘please vote for me partly because I just got the work started at Frank James’ leaflet. As most OTW users and many others know, it was… Read more »
iain mckie

Lib Dem leader having major problem re homosexuality it appears


Mr McKie’s UKIP bigotry bubbles up again, it seems.

I normally vote Lib Dem but on this occasion Vix Lothian gets my vote. Nothing against Nick but at age 24 he cannot possibly have the breadth and depth of experience that Vix’s has. Look at stats from 2015. Vix definitely has the best chance of defeating AT. Lib Dem and Greens policies are similar and I would go so far as to say Nick should stand… Read more »