Isle of Wight songwriting initiative reveals outstanding level of musicianship

Dave Pontin said the response to the songwriting competition was incredible, with a diverse range of music from folk to metal

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At the start of the Coronavirus lockdown Platform One College of Music launched a new songwriting showcase opportunity. This was open to Isle of Wight residents aged between 14 and 24 years old – not just students enrolled at Platform One.

There was no limit with regards to musical genre – an opportunity to get to create original music. Each entry submitted two songs, which went to a music industry panel for feedback.

Top three
The panel has given detailed feedback to each and every entry however the three that really stood out were:

  1. ODDA (Instagram and Facebook)
  2. Emellia (Instagram and Facebook)
  3. The Optimists (Instagram and Facebook)

The initiative replaced this year’s Wight Noize Industry Showcase that normally sees one young band or artists play on the main stage at the Isle of Wight Festival.

Old: Humbled and grateful
ODDA – the selected front runner will receive a professional recording session at Platform One’s Studio One – with a producer. In addition, Platform One will supply any session musicians needed.

Oliver Old – commented,

“I’m very humbled to have won this year’s Wight Noize and I’m grateful for the people at Platform One who still take the time to invest in music.”

Pontin: Incredible response
David Pontin, director of Platform One, said,

“The response was incredible. There was such a diverse range of music from folk to metal.

“It was also fantastic to get so many entries from solo artists with such mature songwriting skills.”

Outstanding level of musicianship
Jess Paine, Chief Community Officer at SyncBaby, said,

‘The level of musicianship in this year’s Wight Noize songwriting initiative has been outstanding and I was blown away by the incredible talent we have here on the Island.

“With the challenges imposed during lockdown, I was impressed to see how resourceful and creative these young artists have been with writing and recording their music.

“With this kind of attitude I can see a very bright future ahead for them.”

Giddings: Platform One does an incredible job
John Giddings , Solo/Isle of Wight Festival, added,

“It is wonderful that Platform One was able to continue to support young emerging artists and bands through this new songwriting showcase.

“Platform One does an incredible job and we are always committed in supporting them.

“We look forward to welcoming back the Platform One Stage in 2021 – which will be the nineteenth year that Platform One has been involved with the Isle of Wight Festival.  

“Platform One is certainly an important and integral part of the Isle of Wight Festival family.”

Platform One is current working hard preparing to welcome back students for the new academic year and is still taking new applicants for September.

News shared by Dave on behalf of Platform One College of Music. Ed

Monday, 3rd August, 2020 1:50pm



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