IWC spin failed to mention work (and £90k!) from Ryde Town Council, says councillor

Cllr Jordan explains how there might not have been a Pool for the council to secure a grant for, had it not been for Ryde Town Council over the past year

Waterside pool - from their fb page

The Isle of Wight issued a press release yesterday, extolling the work of council officers in securing an £82,000 grant to support Waterside Pool in Ryde.

Phil Jordan, the Ryde town councillor for Ryde North West, has shared another side of the story to provide some balance. He spoke up as he felt the “IWC press release spin fails to mention the great work Ryde Town Council do in their community and for the town of Ryde”.

£90,000 from Ryde Town Council
Explaining how the Ryde Town Council have supported the Pool with grants of up to £90,000 in the last year, Cllr Jordan said,

“Since it wasn’t mentioned in the press release, I though perhaps I would advise and inform that Ryde Town Council – through its Grant system – supported the Waterside willingly and with great concern for its possible fate under Covid (especially during the past year (remembering we support financially every year as well) to a sum of money approaching £90,000.

“We absolutely do want the Waterside to sustain and remain offering their pool and services to our community and that’s why RTC agree to the level of support we give.”

He adds,

“We are grateful for the Grant they have been offered from the National Recovery Fund, but without Ryde Town Council stepping up when they were forced to close last year they may not have been operational to apply for this grant in the first place.”

Jordan: RTC will remain ready to support if needed
Cllr Jordan finished by saying.

“RTC are in close contact with the Waterside and a standing Councillor for RTC actually sits on their Board (non-voting).

“We do hope they continue to survive, grow and expand their services and will remain ready to support if needed.”

Waterside Pool was handed over to the community in 2011 after the Isle of Wight council decided to close it down.

Image: © Waterside Pool Community Trust

Friday, 26th February, 2021 5:09pm



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Benny C

Once again Ryde shows Mr Stewart and Co how it’s done. Embarrassing. For Dinosaur Dave.


Cllr Stewart and his IW Tory led Council spin machine will be spinning out of control as we approach the May elections, which hopefully will see them all packing.

Angela Hewitt

Unfortunately not everyone reads OnThe wight, the County press or the other local publications. Isle of Wight Community facebook page seems to reach a lot of people

Steve Goodman

Fortunately facebook users feeling something deserves a wider audience could presumably provide a link or copy to help…