If you’re aged over 60, it’s possible you could be owed thousands of pounds

You might feel you don’t need to make a claim for mis-sold PPI, but imagine being a position to help with that house extension your child needs but can’t afford, or being able to help your grandchildren whilst they are at university.

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Over the last few years OnTheWight have highlighted many successes by Isle of Wight family business, JMP Partnership. The company have recovered over £50 million (yes, over £50m!) for their clients from mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI).

In the past we’ve covered various types of OnTheWight readers who might benefit from the services of JMP, including business owners who banked with Lloyds and others who might not have even realised they were owed thousands of pounds.

Are you over 60?
One of the largest groups of people that JMP have helped recover millions of pounds for is those aged over 60.

You might wonder why this particular group, but when you realise that those now aged over 60 were economically active at the height of PPI mis-selling, it makes absolute sense.

Why bother to claim?
Even those who are able to live comfortably enough through their pensions and savings have a good reason to find out whether they are owed anything.

When getting the process going is as easy as making a phone call to a local number, or popping in to see a member of staff in the Sandown office, imagine the joy you’d feel a few months down the line when you’re able to share your winning claim.

You might be in a position to help with that house extension your children need, or support your grandchildren whilst they are at university.

Trustworthy Island business
One of the reasons JMP Partnership have been so successful in recovering money for their clients is thanks not only to their hard work (they don’t just accept the first response from banks and insurance companies), but also because they’re able to maintain their integrity through the way they operate.

JMP never make cold calls or send any Trading standardsunwanted text messages, but instead rely on word of mouth referrals and advertising.

This small Isle of Wight business has been registered with the Isle of Wight Trading Standards ‘Buy with Confidence’ scheme for over a decade. During that time, not a single customer has lodged a complaint through the scheme against them.

A family-run business
JMP partnership is a family-run Isle of Wight business, with 16 people working out of their Sandown office.

Staff are available for face to face meetings and as you don’t even need to provide any paperwork or account numbers, it couldn’t be easier to see whether you might be owed thousands of pounds.

No win, no fee
JMP Partnership works on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis so, if your claim does not result in a payout, you will not be charged. The company takes 25% (+VAT) of money reclaimed, so if your claim results in a £1,000 pay back, you will receive £700.

It is worth noting that most claimants receive far more than they originally paid as accrued interest is added so, if you paid £1,000 in premiums, it is not unusual to receive £3,000 back.

Contact JMP today
There are several ways to contact JMP Partnership.

You can complete the online form. Alternatively, visit the Website, call or pop in and see a member of staff.

Website: www.jmppartnership.com
Facebook: JMP Partnership (IW) Ltd
Sandown Office: 97-99 High Street, Sandown PO36 8AJ
Phone: 01983 403390
Cowes Office: 94 High Street, Cowes PO31 7AW
Phone: 01983 280100
Email: newclients@jmppartnership.com

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