Letter: Frontline doctors and nurses dying because they are inadequately protected: Enough is enough!

This reader shares his view of the Government’s handling of the Coronavirus crisis and the problems with PPE availability

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This from Hans Bromwich, Cowes. Ed

At the outset of this Coronavirus pandemic the British public and NHS frontline workers were assured there was adequate PPE, then followed the ongoing pantomime and failure in rolling it out.

Now scrubs promised from Turkey during Saturday’s Coronavirus Daily Briefing we were told would arrive on Sunday, are nowhere to be seen.

Chris Hobson of NHS Providers, when interviewed on Sunday immediately after the Government’s Coronavirus Daily Briefing revealed that when an order for 200,000 gowns from China arrived last week there were only 20,000. So did someone leave a ‘0’ off the order? 

Situation has become completely unacceptable
A viral pandemic is one thing, the way the Country was under-prepared, and in my view, the continuing incompetence and lies is quite another.

The situation has now become completely unacceptable, with frontline doctors and nurses dying because they are inadequately protected.

Enough is enough
It is time for the historical architects of this chaos, Sir Simon Stevens and Jeremy Hunt, to go, along with Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson. 

Let’s have some credible leaders, perhaps taken from industry, controlling the show, rather than the current bunch of dangerously incompetent  imposters.

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Monday, 20th April, 2020 3:29pm


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Angela Hewitt
I am not in any way trying to defend the MP’s Johnson, Hunt, Steven’s Hancock, they are all out of their depth. But it is in fact the Ministers (those that serve the ruling Government) that place the orders in the acquisitions department. That said Hancock should check the orders, what else has he got to do? Most of the contributors to On the Wight knew in… Read more »
For the last several years the Conservative government has been obsessed with Brexit and Austerity and now the chickens are coming home to roost. Massive cuts to the NHS have led to the country being ill equipped and unprepared for a pandemic, which many thinkers, including Bill Gates, have long been forecasting, combined with a desperation to isolate us from the EU and thus denuding the workforce… Read more »
Well said, Hans! It is left to local businesses and communities to try their best to make up the shortfall in PPE. Our leaders have let us all down very badly because not only are unprotected medical and care staff at very high risk themselves, but they can pass the virus on to vulnerable people in their care, and spread it. They have also let us down… Read more »

I should qualify my earlier statement about testing for the coronavirus, as I have read that some tests are unreliable.

Alternative Perspective
Just watching BBC Breakfast. Dan Walker has just revealed that when Robert Jenrick on Saturday said PPE would be arriving from Turkey on Sunday the official order for that PPE didn’t go in until the following day, Sunday, the day Robert Jenrick said the PPE would be arriving! This excuse for a Government has clearly collapsed. Patients, doctors, nurses and care workers are dying needlessly because of… Read more »