Letter: The NHS is an incredible service to value and treasure

Nicky says that when we hear stories about poor care, we also need to remember the NHS is an incredible service to value and treasure. They share this story of amazing care in the hands of the NHS

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This from Nicky Hayward. Ed

On Saturday 18th January at 11.20pm our grandson was born at home.

Following the birth there were complications. At 2am the midwife called an ambulance which arrived promptly. On arrival the crew were not only concerned about our daughter, but also the baby and called a second ambulance.

Mother and midwife went in the first closely followed by father and baby. I was called at home and rushed to St Mary’s.

Amazing care
The doctor and whole team in the labour ward were amazing. Following blood transfusions our daughter was operated on and meanwhile the babies breathing improved.

At every moment from the first call to when our daughter, her husband and their new born son returned home, they were treated with incredible care, professionalism, respect and huge kindness.

Everyone was literally amazing.

An incredible service to value and treasure
While this is not newsworthy it is what happens here on the Island day after day.

When we hear stories about poor care we also need to remember the NHS is an incredible service to value and treasure.

We are so privileged and lucky to have such a unique health system run by wonderful people and along with gratitude we need to protect this treasure.

Image: Trades Union Congress under CC BY 2.0

Monday, 3rd February, 2020 12:37pm


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Alternative Perspective

I couldn’t agree more, which is why we need to cherish and support the amazing people who work selflessly in our NHS. They are not there to be bullied, abused and put under intolerable pressure and stress by executives more preoccupied with saving money and hitting targets, rather than focusing on patient care.

We certainlty need to realise what a fabulous service we have in the NHS, even if it isnt perfect now. Nowhere else in the World do you get treated no matter who you are. Thw Nurses, doctors and all the emergency staff do a wonderful job, given the state the successive Governments have let them down! If you get treated, thank them. with a smile, Thank them… Read more »

Well said, sir or madam.


Every time I have had reason to go to a hospital, I have always been left feeling sad when I see people standing around outside smoking cigarettes.
It also serves as a reminder of the way that people take that valuable institution for granted and that is so sad.