Live Coverage of Public Hustings (update 12)

Live coverage as it happens

VB have just arrived at the public hustings where ten of the eleven parliamentary candidates are facing the public.

Live Coverage of Cabinet Meeting TonightPlease refresh / reload your browser to see the latest updates. We will endeavour to report presentations and discussions as accurately as possible. Text surrounded by () signifies VB’s comments.

[19:50] Pretty full. Andrew Turner presenting. Summary – I think for myself.

Mike Tarrant, UKIP up now: We represent the people.

72% of our law come from the EU. Britain give £6.4Bn a year to EU. The majority of UK citizen want us out of the EU.

(Woo … CP is handycam shooting some of the speeches)

It’s time to look forward not back

Now Jill Wareham, Liberal Democrat: It’s good to be here. Lived here for 25 years, with husband and three children. IWC Councillor for 12 years. National policy. No tax under £10k salary. Small class sizes. Abolish tuition fees

Want to make Britain Greener. Better public transport. A fairer political system. Local issues: (no particular order) Fighting for cheaper ferry fares. “Extortionate”. Improve local roads. Fighting for vulnerable people. Better public transport. More police on the beat (scrap ID cards)

If you want energetic MP who will fight for you. Vote for me.

[20:04] Update 1
Peter Harris, Independent: I’m a businessman, not a politician. Deeply concerned about the way the country is going.

Big push to get involved – seeing Nick Griffin on Question Time. Why is de-industrialisation of the UK not on the agenda? Hardly anything is made in the UK? We invented industrialisation. Upcoming generations need a career, not to be on benefits.

Vestas – I don’t think those jobs were properly defended.

(Hear, hear from audience)

They treated our people like dirt. Benefit culture is wrong – breeding a feral class. It’s a cancer in our society. Sorry I’m late – one of the downsides for working for yourself.

(Lots of applause)

[20:12] Update 2
Now ??? (will update) – I was here in 2005, the others in this election are free loading. Drug industry is worth £7Bn in the UK.
Since Labour has been in we’ve been at war – 12 years. Talking about burglary – many end in violence. Blair should be on trial as a war criminal.

(Lots of agreement in the audience)

The world were we live is beautiful – it’s being destroyed. Don’t worry about education – the planet is going to be ruined in 30 years.

Why would we spend £100Bn on Trident? We went to war to stop weapons of mass destruction – not buy them. People attack firemen when they’re putting out fires – what sort of country is this?

[20:17] Update 3
Mark Chiverton, Labour: Hard to speak after lots of people have criticised the government. Labour brought in the Freedom on Information Act that has allowed these things to be exposed.

I don’t agree with everything the Labour does. But we’re losing sight of the good things the government has done.

Help for Islanders – Winter fuel allowance, fox hunting being banned (foxes like this – laughter).

I believe that we should prioritise on the spending for key services. I take pride at Labour continuing to do this. Gordon Brown ran the economy well (tittering in audience). Gordon saved the banks, including our savings.

Eco Island is key. Wind power too – it’s a tragedy that we’ve never had a turbine here.


[20:21] Update 4
Now Paul Randle-Jolliffe, Independent: Island family, been here hundreds of years. I like a lot of what everyone is saying here. I think we need to take control of our own lives. I been helping a lot of people – the administration system won’t allow them to be helped. You end up going around in circles.

Example – Called police chief today. I tried six months ago, didn’t get called back. Yesterday it was within 24 hours – as it should be … Because I was a candidate.

We need to have our own act on the Island – take our own decisions. Act would be around the economy. Collective decision making. Low taxes – max 20% on the Island. £12k salary before paying tax.

If I’m elected, I’ll work with everyone else. National politics can’t solve the problem – we can.

–End of speeches

[20:26] Update 5 – Public Questions

Roger (Sandown) Q for Jill Wareham. No mention on your leaflet on immigrations. Why?

JW: It’s impossible to put everything into your leaflet. Too many local issues. I can talk about it – we need a national border police. The previous parties had no control or idea of how many immigrants are still here after study. We want to concentrate on criminals (illegal immigrants).

Conny (Sandown): What are you parties policies on Europe and immigration?

Ian Dunsire, English Democrat – we want to leave Europe. Immigration – Australian system. People coming here should be adding to our society. We won’t close the door.

(Next bloke): I don’t know why we’ve got the problem – we’re an Island.

Bob Keats, Green: Europe – supportive links with Europe, but it needs attention. Immigration – Need to tackle.

Andrew Turner: Focus on Liberal policy. We need to take it from 100k to 10k (out side Europe). I’m in faour of us leaving Europe. The party says, do it one step at a time.


Mike Tarrant, UKIP: We would leave immediately.

Take control on boards and fishing rights. Five year freeze on immigration. All EU citizens as well.

(Smattering of applause)

[20:36] Update 6
Jill Wareham: We’ve got a points based system. Sorry Andrew got it wrong on our policy. If people lived here for 10 years, they should be allowed to stay.

(Dissent in audience)

We should be in Europe – defence, etc – but we’ve got to look at administration.

Peter Harris, Independent: We used to run 1/3 of the globe – why are we in Europe? Look at southern Europe roads – we’ve paid for them – they’re lovely. The legal trade is out of control – making money from us. It’s Human Rights.


Edward Corby, Independent: I agree with the last speaker

Mark Chiverton: I’d like to ask Andrew which party took us into Europe? There are many issues in the world that need a united approach – Europe is good for that. Common Agriculture policy and fishing should be looked at.

Immigration: Understand the concerns on this. Labour putting a point system in place. Looking after the weak and oppressed
(Little applause)

Paul Randle-Jolliffe: Holding up Daily Mail – 1m illegal immigrants. My friends (of different races) tell us the English are stupid letting those people in.

(UKIP bloke just fell off his chair – gasps)

Question from Bob Blezzard (Jill Wareham’s election agent): Andrew Turner claimed expenses for industrial tribunal – that’s wrong.
It’s like the council – people get fired and would have them pay the bill. That’s what I did.

Another bloke: We’re on the edge of what’s fair here. I don’t think people should claim public money for private expenses.

Mark Chiverton: I’ll steer clear of personal matters. MP expenses is a big mess – needs sorting out. Anyone who joined the Labour party in 1979 is clearly not a careerist (laughter).

Jill Wareham: Expenses was a big issue last year. Lib dems were saying it should be open – we forced it.

[20:52] Update 7
Bob Keats, Green: Expenses is a demonstration of the pursuit of money. That’s wrong with economic system. We’ll start moving back to trust and friendship.

Q: Peter Coleman: We’ve had savage cuts under a Conservative council – is this a forerunner of what a Cons government would be?

Ian Dunsire: I think we’re in for a very hard time no matter who is in. The deficit is spoken about, not the debt mountain. Simon Perry: We could be the next Greece.

Paul Randle-Jolliffe: We in this together, because of past mistakes. The benefit system stinks. Banking system is dubiously maneuvering itself. We’re called middle England because we need to sort out the end. Because we’ve got a benefit system – people (children/parents) are not looking after each other.

Bob Keats: Don’t support approach of attacking services – too expensive long term. Bankers aren’t being squeezed – they can be

Andrew Turner: Personalisation budgets is what’s happening. I think vulnerable people do need to be looked after. We’ve got to be willing to do things ourselves. It’s important that we don’t regard old people are someone’s else job.

Jill Wareham: IWC could have looked at other ways of doing it. Sad that Conservative councillors hadn’t gone to talk to people who would be affected.

It looks like personalised budgets will fit in with what money is available.

[21:03] Update 8
Mike Tarrant: There will be cuts.

Edward Corby: Government will borrow £163Bn. Two aircraft carries will cost us £20Bn – Trident will be £100Bn. They should be cut. Where are these aircraft carriers going to fight? Arms sales in 2006 world wide – £497Bn.

(Chair, I feel you’re digressing)

Mark Chiverton: I think we do need a strong defence. I do believe there will be a lot of cuts in the Tories get into power. I’m worried about it.

Paul Randle-Jolliffe: Some parts of the country there are 50% people employed. Debt – $250k for everyone man woman and child in the world. Canada sorted themselves out a long time ago – we could learn from them. The cutbacks on the Island are down to Government policy – we’re controlled centrally. Government should be public service – not public masters.

Peter Harris: Why are the vulnerable being attacked by the politicians? I’m 100% behind the air craft carriers – trade skills.

Q, David: To Andrew Turner. How would schools work independently on the Island?

If Conservative get in – people would be able to form a school – independently of the authority.

[21:17] Update 9
Q, Ian Ward: Human Rights act. What angers me is that we harbour the terrorists, funders, rapists. What will parties do about human rights?

Mark Chiverton: We’re signed up. If I’m MP, we could sit down and make a representation. I share concern of people being injured in war.

Andrew Turner: Law requires things fit in the Human Right Act. European courts decided what will happen in our country. We want to abolish European human rights act. It will end in the UK, not a higher court in Europe.

Jill Wareham: We’d support human rights, but I’m not 100% sure of our party policy (sniggering)

Paul Randle-Jolliffe: Magna Carta lays out how we should be.

Q, David Holmes: Can we expect a visit from the main leaders?

Bob Keats: Our leader was here at Vestas.

Q, Mariella: Two years ago my mother died after Alzheimer’s disease. We had to sell her house. How will we avoid that? We can’t afford the £8k that has been discussed as a bond.

Ian Dunsire: I’m in the same position – selling house.

Paul Randle-Jolliffe: My role is helping people with finance. Tax avoidance is legal, xxx isn’t. As the population is aging we’ve got to sort it out.

Bob Keats: Agreed about problem.

Andrew Turner: Conservative has laid out a policy. £8k payment. Could borrow against your house. That’s up to 65. Over that now, we’re not sure yet. Labour introduced the idea of the death tax. We wouldn’t play that game.

Mike Tarrant: Similar situation – Alzheimer’s disease. The £8k idea is fraught with problems – it wouldn’t work. Scotland shouldn’t have it, if the rest of the UK can’t have it.

Jill Wareham: It’s a big issue here. All parties should come together. Stop spending it on benefit tourists.

Edward Corby: no comment.

Mark Chiverton: Lab wants to create a National care service equivalent to Health service, by 2014. Only pay for first two years.

Paul Randle-Jolliffe: I’ve spent time in a nursing home as a friend had one. She ended up penny less in a home herself. The overhead figures are very high – £400 a week to provide a bed, food and a bit of care – it’s ridiculously expensive.

Q (no name): What’s the single greatest achievement in public service?

Ian Dunsire: Worked in biz. Drive ambulance for care home now

Paul Randle-Jolliffe: No public service, but looks outside politicians.

Bob Keats: I’ve worked in public, private, voluntary. In London I gave up a very well paid job.

Andrew Turner: Hands of our Hospitals was best.

Mike Tarrant: Don’t like this question. You should give back more than you take. Carlos Castaneda philosophy. Not prepared to tell you what I’ve done – brought up family.

Jill Wareham: Homestart – instrumental in team to build it. It’s great to see it’s thriving.

Peter Harris: Never done public service.

[21:42] Update 10
Mark Chiverton: I’m a widower – trying to bring up my family well. Supporting people in difficult economic situations. Trade union work. Whoever is the MP needs to work with people.

Bob Keats: Worked around the world. Was a link steward. Helped a young man wrongly diagnosed of schizophrenia.

Q, Richard Besley (Sandown) – This is the hardest choice election. I think a hung parliament is the best thing for the UK. So people can’t get away with what they’ve been getting away with. What are views on ID/DNA records, good or bad?

Ian Dunsire: Support ID, but don’t see how they’re going to implement.

Paul Randle-Jolliffe: Anti ID and DNA

(lots of clapping)

Bob Keats, Andrew Turner, Mike Tarrant and Jill Wareham agree

(Older guy) ID Cards are daft – can be forged

Mark Chiverton – agree with Paul, don’t have them.

Q, Eric Lawson: Digital economy bill: Very few people sat in parliament for the bill. Lots of companies not paying tax, people having to make up difference.

[21:52] Update 11
???: Digital Economy bill was rushed. Uneasy

???? (Yellow tie): It’s all out of balance – you don’t stand a chance

Bob Keats: Home grown talent, for the people of the Island.

AT: Most of the bill had gone through. Should either be stopped or continue. None of the controversial parts have been made law
There’s a chance to take it back to Parliament.

Mike Tarrant: We’d reduce the number of people going to uni (I think he said that). Island children would get 6 ferry tickets.

Jill Wareham: Bill was rushed through. E didn’t support it.

Peter Harris: I carve metal for a living. I’m all in it for creativity

Ray: I’ve never been unemployed for more than I day.

Mark Chiverton: Used to have lots of manufacturing on the Island, I think we need it.

Paul Randle-Jolliffe: With a low tax, we’d do better. Digital and tech uni on the Island. A third public-owned ferry service.

Quick, Q – Alan Shanklin: Tourism is 30% of Island economy. What would you do?

Ian Dunsire: With funding a year round tourism industry. Money is rare

Bob Keats: Manage decline

Andrew Turner: Got to get finances right. Private sector can invest.

Mike Tarrant: Tourism might be dying. Sports might be a good specialisation.

Jill Wareham: Wind turbines could be a tourism attraction.

Pete: I think it was a massive mistake to close youth services.

Edward Corby: I worked at the Royal Hotel – now closed. Ferry is the worst thing for the Island. It’s killing tourism. Should be a fixed fee.

(About 50 people in the audience)

Mark Chiverton: The MP will need to work with everyone.

[22:06] Update 12
Paul Randle-Jolliffe: Grew up in tourism. Used to be thousands of people – only needed three months. I think we need to repackage ourselves. IW Chamber has been battling with the council. We’ve so much expertise, we need to work together.

Jim (chair): How many people here have learnt something useful?

Three hands went up

How many have had their views changed? No one


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Monday, 26th April, 2010 7:57pm



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mrs james

You show ’em Pete well done …


Thnaks VB. Didn’t know about this one and couldn’t make it down.

Sad Owl

No Geoff Clynch? Wonder why the BNP aren’t present, probably too scared to have their flimsy policies ripped to shreds. That makes me wonder why UKIP have attended, actually…

Sad Owl

Because everything you read in the Daily Mail is true?

Looks like Paul Randle-Jolliffe needs to check this little number out:

Paul Randle-Jolliffe

I had several papers with me the one I actually held up was the Express not the mail.

I did not say this

Paul Randle-Jolliffe: No public service, but looks outside politicians.

I do have public service!

I did not say this either

Paul Randle-Jolliffe: My role is helping people with finance. Tax avoidance is legal, xxx isn’t. As the population is aging we’ve got to sort it out.


Thanks VB for the live updates. Hope the candidates are sponsoring you to do this. Above and beyond as always.

mrs james

Well Ive been listening to the repeat of the Isle of Wight Phone In on Vectis Radio while reading this report and all I can say is Ive no fear the BMP have a hope in hell here on the Island thankfully…What a shambles… Car Crash for the BNP but Award Winning for Vectis Radio in my opinion…
Thank You for this very interesting much appreciated…

Michael G

Interesting to read the coverage. Haven’t had a knock on the door yet to meet any of them face to face. Look forward to it.


Speaking honestly, I’ve not been that bothered about politics before, but am really getting into it this time round. Can’t believe I’ve spent the night glued to the computer reading this. Ha ha! Get me, I’ll be standing for the next local elections next.

Don Smith

You do that Amanda.

Some MPs inherit their seats at Westminster. If there is life after death, I want to be an Old Etonian


We haven’t had anyone knock either. Not sure how accurate the results will be anyway, as my 17 year old has recieved a poling card therefore seems to be able to vote in this election. I’m sure she’s not the only one


I got two polling cards


Is it her 18th birthday before the election?


Hmm just typed in Paul Randle-Jolliffe into google, not so sure now…

Paul Randle-Jolliffe

@ Sandra ex wife gets some one to post something in dead persons name. Look up the name of the site its a scam.

I agree with Dave

Great coverage of an important event which I wish heard about sooner.


Trevor …. Yes. She was just 17 3 weeks ago

General impressions…. The independants seemed generally ok, but they did strike me as only having a few policies and being ambivilent about other subjects. Turner gave the impression of towing the party line. Didnt seem to say much of what he thinks himself, just what the party was hoping to do. On the Digital Economy Bill, it should be either stopped or go forward. Stating the obvious… Read more »
Don Smith

Well done Mark – the best of the bunch.

James Arrow
Well I’ve finally made up my mind. My vote will go to the Lib/ Dems. This would keep the Tories out if they won and labour haven’t got a chance.I honestly can’t work out why the Tories ever get in. These bunch of toffs are hardly representative of the majority are they? How on earth do they manage to swing it? The real Tory class at the… Read more »

“I honestly can’t work out why the Tories ever get in. These bunch of toffs are hardly representative of the majority are they?”

I think unfortunately the tories are probably representitive of the majority who bother to vote, at least on the island. If the entire population of the island came out to vote, we might well have a labour MP. But unfortunately, apathy is rife.

Paul Randle-Jolliffe
I seem to have been quoted as saying things others have said. Paul Randle-Jolliffe: We in this together, because of past mistakes. The benefit system stinks. Banking system is dubiously maneuvering itself. We’re called middle England because we need to sort out the end. Because we’ve got a benefit system – people (children/parents) are not looking after each other. Obviously this was the middle england party not… Read more »
Sad Owl

Seems to me like Mark Chiverton is the only serious candidate as he is willing to stand up to some of his party’s views, unlike the other two ‘main’ party candidates who are just flashing the party lines.

Don Smith
Mark Chiverton knocked on my door the other day, – we discussed various political issues for about ten minutes. I found him to be a very honest man who knew exactly where the present Labour Party had gone wrong. He emphasised all the good things Labour has done. Free bus travel for the old, winter fuel allowance, he genuinely remembers Labour old real values has the used… Read more »
Helen Cunningham

I’m scratching my head at the ‘tourism might be dying’ comment – you could not be more wrong Mr Tarrent – changing but NOT dying. Please stop gloom-mongering!!

fat boy fat

I think Pete Harris came over well,i realize a vote for Pete my have implications for the wider picture,but i really think we need a good non party person to stick up for the Isle Of Wight,my vote goes to Pete all the best,

Eric Lawson
I put a question to the prospective candidates at this Hustings, on the topic of Labour’s science funding cuts and changes to funding criteria, plus the Digital Economy Bill and its impact upon the UK’s ability to use the large pool of uni educated talent (eg. plenty of degrees but no funded research positions), to earn its way out of debt. 5 of the candidates admitted they… Read more »