Love and Dying – Documentary explores current law on assisted dying

The film asks whether there should be a change in the current law relating to assisted dying

Jill and David George

Jill and David George of Isle of Wight-based Utility Films, present their latest documentary Love and Dying.

The film asks whether there should be a change in the current law relating to assisted dying.

Jill is a former Admiral Nurse and worked with Mountbatten for many years.

Documentaries by Utility Films have featured Aspire Ryde, a look at the promises of Eco-Island, as well as raising awareness of ‘Mate Crime’.

Where and when
The film has three screenings on the Isle of Wight and will then be seen in various cities throughout the UK. There will be a Question and Answer session after each screening.

Screenings take place are at Ventnor Arts Club, High Street, Ventnor 7.30pm on 26th and 28th February and at Aspire, Dover St, Ryde 7.30pm on 29th February.

Tickets for the Ventnor screenings are available via EventBrite. Tickets for Aspire, Ryde are available on the night.

Poster for Love and Dying documentary

Friday, 31st January, 2020 12:40pm



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Steve Goodman
Unlike over 80% of the population here and a growing number of more civilized societies around the world, our present (and previous) MP has yet to support reform of our barbaric assisted dying law; one reason why our pets are still much more protected than people. I’m one of many hoping that our MP will take an interest in a world-class informative and artistic Island-produced documentary and… Read more »
Steve Goodman
Three days ago the British Medical Association leadership finally launched their first ever survey on the assisted dying views of it’s 160,000 members, after refusing to do so for years while maintaining their opposition to assisted dying reform against the wishes of increasing numbers of doctors and other medical professionals – an opposition cited by many MPs as a major reason why Parliament did not vote for… Read more »
Steve Goodman
The BMA member’s survey continues until the 27th February. Extraordinarily, the Royal College of GPs’ leadership has just taken the decision to ignore the result of it’s survey and remain opposed to assisted dying. 51% of voters preferred the College take a supportive or neutral stance, but their Council upheld the barbaric status quo. Responding to the RCGP’s announcement, Sarah Wootton, Chief Executive of Dignity in Dying,… Read more »
Steve Goodman

This morning Jill and David were interviewed by BBC Radio Solent (from about 08.10 –, and will also feature in this evening’s BBC TV South Today (6.30pm).

Steve Goodman

(Interview starts at about 1.10.00 on the link’s timeline)

Steve Goodman
Steve Goodman

Today nearly half of the Guardian’s letters page content, including one from the Island, is on the subject of the right to a dignified and less painful death.

The third screening of David and Jill’s documentary is at Aspire in Ryde this evening.

Steve Goodman
Now that our viral pandemic response includes the closure of cinemas and other places around Britain where the film was due to be screened and an increased discussion of how and where we die, it has been made available online. Free, and worth a look, according to at least one Baroness and the BBC. ‘Love and Dying’ is about an hour long; just click on the link,… Read more »
Steve Goodman
Steve Goodman

For MP Bob and anybody else banged up because they would like to avoid an unpleasant death, the link is out of lockdown now.


@SallyPerry your link to ‘raising awareness of ‘Mate Crime’ is broken…