New rules introduced for parking at the Riverside Centre

Take note of the new rules for parking at the Riverside Centre to avoid getting a parking ticket.

enter registration on tablet for parking at riverside

Commmunity Action have issued details of new parking arrangements at Riverside centre, so if you park there please take note.

In order that the car park can be used by users of the Riverside Centre, a new parking system has been introduced. 

Parking is still free whilst you are visiting the Riverside, but you must register your car registration number on the ipad located at Reception. 

Failure to use the car park appropriately will result in a fine, which is managed by an external company. 

Friday, 23rd August, 2019 10:22am



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4 Comments on "New rules introduced for parking at the Riverside Centre"

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Strictly speaking, it isn’t a fine, it’s a parking charge. Private companies cannot levy fines.


Will there be anyone around for those who cannot use an i-pad?


Yes, I’m sure there will be. It is very simple, I used it Saturday. There’s always someone in at The Riverside to help


I was there on Saturday too. Didn’t se you Hermit. Mind you, I don’t know what you look like.