Plan ahead and be patient if using Lynnbottom tip this Easter, say Isle of Wight council

The Isle of Wight council are advising residents to plan ahead and have patience during the busiest time of the year at the dump.

lynnbottom recycling centre

The council share this latest news. Ed

The council is reminding residents and visitors that over the Easter holiday period the Island’s roads will be busy as will Lynnbottom Recycling Centre (HWRC).

Easter is the first major bank holiday of the year when people take the opportunity to spring clean the house and garden and make use of the HWRCs. As the recycling centre does not open until 10am, please do not queue in the carriageway before this time as it causes delays further down the road. 

Murwill: Plan ahead and have patience
Cabinet member for waste management, Councillor Michael Murwill, said:

“This time of the year at the HWRCs has always been busier as residents take the opportunity to enjoy the spring sunshine and tackle the garden and house. It’s also the time of year when the tourist season starts ramping up on the Island. 

“I would ask residents to plan ahead, have patience and not to arrive before 10am as this can block the highway if users all arrive at the same time.” 

Dix: Check traffic before leaving home
Recycling and waste manager, Natasha Dix, said:

“Easter at the HMRCs has always been a busy period – every year – due to better weather and residents taking the holiday break as a chance to clear out the house and garden.

“I would ask residents to please have patience during the busier times and remember you can check how busy the traffic in the area may be by looking at  and then can plan if you would rather visit later in the day.

“Afternoon visits between 3pm and 6pm are usually quieter and over Easter especially, late afternoon is the best time to visit.”


  • Think before you throw as some items you are disposing of could go to a charity shop or be reused.
  • Did you know the council offers a free reuse collection service for white goods and furniture in a good condition? Visit
  • There is also a paid for bulky waste collection service for unreusable large white goods and furniture.
  • Garden waste can be composted at home for free or the council offers a fortnightly kerbside garden waste service for just £60 per year (£1.15 per week) – saving you time and tip trips.
  • Visit  to check out traffic in the area before you leave. 

Lynnbottom HWRC is open 10am – 6pm from Monday to Sunday. 

Monday, 15th April, 2019 12:01pm



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How about the council increasing the opening hours during this busy time?


buunch of cretins – given what they have said why pay a few hours overtime and open up a bit earlier ?