Assisted Area Status: MEP reports positive meeting with Vince Cable

The Secretary of State was very receptive to the idea of the Isle of Wight making representations for Assisted Area Status.

Catherine Beader MEP

Readers will remember that one of our MEPs for the area, Catherine Bearder, visited Shanklin Town Council in April.

Catherine spoke with the town council on the subject of Assisted Area Status, which the Isle of Wight council will be making representations on once the consultation process begins.

Earlier this week, Catherine met with the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, Vince Cable. She told OnTheWight,

“I was pleased to be able to meet Vince Cable on Thursday and explain why I think the Isle of Wight should be recognised as an assisted area.

“He was very receptive and now the community needs to get together to put in a formal application. I’ll be coming over to the Island to help make some further progress.”

Many thanks to Steve Butler from the Ryde Trades Union Council for alerting OnTheWight to the meeting.

Saturday, 22nd June, 2013 11:32am



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  1. Robert Jones

    22.Jun.2013 12:10pm

    Well – never assume that what’s failed before must necessarily fail again, but I remember applications for Assisted Area Status going back some 40 years that were turned down one after the other.

  2. Robert Jones

    22.Jun.2013 2:54pm

    Just warning you not to get your hopes up, little down-clickers. Remember it won’t be Cable who makes the decision, or the MEP, but flint-faced bureaucrats who are likely to point out, as they’ve done every time thus far, that the Isle of Wight is nowhere near as badly off through its geography and separation or poor transport links as other islands.

    Although if you picked up some negativity on my part, you’re right: we’ve looked for outside help for decades, and haven’t received it; maybe that’s because we’re looking in the wrong place entirely. It isn’t support the island’s economy needs – it’s regeneration and inward investment, neither of which are likely to follow AAS even if we get it.

    Which isn’t to say, as I didn’t, that we shouldn’t try.

  3. kevin Barclay-Jay

    22.Jun.2013 3:18pm

    and don’t forget previous opportunites for assisted status were blighted by inefficiency and down right mis-management by our council (late application on two occasions)

  4. But we have a new council of ex Lib Dems masquerading as Independents now. Surely, they won’t mess it up again?

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