Ryde House dispute Isle of Wight Council’s needs assessment of their residents, saying too low

The provider say the council assessed the needs of the people they care for as being lower than currently provided, which has caused the dispute between Ryde House and the Isle of Wight council.

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On Thursday the Isle of Wight council issued a press release advising that residents of Ryde House – a home that cares for people with learning disabilities – were about to receive a seven day eviction notice from the private care home owner.

In response, Ryde House Group has issued the following statement through its solicitors: 

“The local authority has assessed the care needs of the people affected as being lower than the level we currently provide to them. As the levels of care and support we currently provide are required to maintain good outcomes for these members of our community, we have disagreed with the local authority’s assessments, and after several months of discussions, we were informed the local authority would not be changing their position.

“We are, and always have been, passionate about delivering excellent quality care and support, and maintaining safety for the vulnerable people we support. Our aim is to ensure their well-being and best outcomes are maintained. We could not however continue to provide this standard of care and support if we were to agree to the assessments by the local authority.”

They went on to explain,

“It is therefore, with great reluctance and regret, that we have informed the council of our intent to give formal notice, in accordance with the terms of the local authority’s contract.

“Many months of time and effort on both sides have gone in to trying to avoid this situation, but unfortunately we are left with limited options if we disagree on the level of care a person requires to lead as happy and normal a life as possible.

“We have made our position clear to the council that the people affected by this notice do not need to move out and can continue to live with us indefinitely as long as we are able to agree the correct care levels to ensure that we can maintain their safety and well-being.”

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Friday, 20th September, 2019 8:44am


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A similar thing recently happened to a resident in a home where my partner works. They have a significant life-long disability but were somehow assessed as no longer needing the level of care they were receiving.

Cynical me is wondering if this reassessment malarkey is some sort of ‘cunning plan’ to reduce the adult social care budget.

Geoff Brodie

It’s not cunning. It is clearly flagged in the Tories’ annual budget.

Alternative Perspective

Conservative Britain


This awful situation can only be resolved by there being an independent assessment of need.