Top Isle of Wight photography spots

Isle of Wight photographer Oliver Howells shares some of the top photography spots he reckons you should consider visiting all year round.

Sunset by the needles

Oliver Howells shares some of the top photography spots you should consider visiting all year round. Ed

The Isle of Wight is renowned for its famous landmarks, golden beaches and beautiful wildlife. As the seasons change, the Island provides many opportunities for photographers to explore and take fantastic photos of the scenery.

1. The Needles
At the top of the list and located on the far west side of the Island is ‘The Needles’. To be more precise it is located just south west of Alum Bay.

The name originally came from the fourth needle-shaped pillar which collapsed in 1764. The location now provides opportunities for scenic boat trips which take you close to the lighthouse or you can take Instagram-worthy photos on the chairlift.

The Needles by Oliver Howells

There are two very good vantage points. The first spot is the tourist area as you arrive, not too far from car park. The second location is up the hill to the old rocket test station, from there you will be able to get a closer view of this spectacular landmark. You can also consider shooting from Headon Warren, catching the Needles (the headline shot at top of this article).

2. Freshwater Bay
Also located westside of the Island is Freshwater Bay, known for its beautiful scenery, tall white cliffs and clear blue water. During low tide you can find some hidden caves at the bottom of the chalk cliffs.

Freshwater by Oliver Howells

Spring and early summertime is great for seeing the sea thrift on the hill tops. It is also a fantastic view point to watch the sunsets over the hillside.

The beach is popular for water-sport enthusiasts, so it’s a great chance to capture those epic action shots of the surfers.

3. East Cowes
The location for Red Funnel’s vehicle ferry terminal, East Cowes is a great photography spot to capture the fiery sunsets looking out towards the Solent waters.

East Cowes by Oliver Howells

During peak summertime this spot is easily accessible for drivers to park by the coastline and wait for the sun go down. As well as providing the perfect opportunity to capture the ferry leaving the terminal.

4. Mottistone Down Trail
Tucked away inland you’ll find a beautiful village called Mottistone, filled with a variety of wildlife and scenic walk trails.

You will also see National Trust’s Mottistone Manor, displaying a range of colourful garden flowers and connecting to the forest of bluebells that every springtime provide a beautiful blue carpet.

Mottistone by Oliver Howells

On the trail you will be able to discover wildlife photo opportunities everywhere, small birds, butterflies and even exotic bee orchids that are hidden in the grass. If you are an active dog walker or cyclist, it’s worth the visit!

5. Bembridge Pier
On the far east side of the Island you will find Bembridge Pier. It displays a wonder costal setting looking out to the pier and lifeboat station. The perfect place for exploration as the local village is full of unique independent shops.

Iconic Bembridge Lifeboat station
© Jamie Russell Island Visions Photography

It is a great spot to take a seat by the coast and photograph the atmospheric sunrises. Near the beaches there are plenty of pathways for visitors to walk along, always leading to new adventures and photographic opportunities!  

Article shared by Isle of Wight photographer, Oliver Howells. See his Instagram page for more inspiration. Ed

Images: © Oliver Howells

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