Residents and businesses unhappy over proposed changes to parking charges

Residents have until 6th June to have their say on the proposed changes to parking charges first reported by OnTheWight back in January.

Parking sign :

As OnTheWight reported in January and then confirmed in March following the budget meeting, the Isle of Wight council (IWC) plan to increase parking charges across the Isle of Wight.

If you don’t read the County Press, you won’t have seen the official notices tucked away on page 81 of last Friday’s paper (embedded below for your convenience free of charge).

Wide ranging changes
As expected, there’s a whole host of proposed changes to parking charges, both in car parks, on-street parking and with permits.

Residents have the opportunity to comment in writing to the council by noon on 6th June.

Some of the proposals already attracting opposition include charging to park where it’s previously been free, such as in Appley Park (the online petition is just short of 3,000 signatures), Blackgang View Point, Totland Esplanade and Brannon Way car park in Wootton (which also has an online petition running).

No free afternoon parking
High street businesses are unlikely to welcome the proposal for car parks in five towns across the Island to lose their once a week afternoon of free parking.

A petition to save the first half hour of free parking in Moa Place car park, Freshwater has also attracted support from residents. Not only will it lose the first half hour free parking, but that could be replaced with one hour minimum charge.

Two hours’ free parking at Medina and Sandown leisure centres could also be revoked with charges being introduced.

See the details in full
The full details of the ‘Parking Places Order’ can be found in the document embedded below (click on the full screen icon to see larger version).

If you wish to object to the proposal you should send the grounds for your objection, in writing, to Parking Places Order Consultation, Isle of Wight Council, Enterprise House, St Cross Business Park, Monks Brook, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 5WB not later than 12 noon on Friday 6 June 2014 or email

Image: Waldec under CC BY 2.0

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It’s an independant catastrophe! Charging to look at the view from Blackgang on a tourist Island is madness. Charge less everywhere and we will pay to park more often and help keep our high streets alive.


I was in Birmingham last week and parked on street about a hundred yards from the NIA, which cost me £2.20 for three hours. The previous week I parked in the station car park in Henley on Thames for three hours and that cost £1. Both places that I’d have thought would attract higher charges than pretty much anywhere on the island.

I’ve just sent my email to every IW Councillor – I could have gone on more but surely it is just common sense – here’s a copy – Dear IW Councillor, You will be aware that the Parking Places Order was agreed on the 26th Feb 2014 – Subject to Public Consultation. I’d be grateful if you could represent my views as follows – I do not… Read more »
John Yelland
How very silly. We hold a U3A French conversation group every Wednesday morning at the Wootton Community Centre, for which we pay between about 70p and £1.20 each towards the £8 charge for the committee room depending on our number. Faced with the prospect of paying a further £3.40 each to park we will find somewhere else to meet, and the net result for the Island’s communal… Read more »
Old Knobby
I imagine many people will just park up at Blackgang and sit in their cars like they already do without paying, just keeping an eye out for the parking man and moving on if he appears. When the viewpoint was going to be sold off, wasn’t one of the conditions that there’d be free access? Pensioners in Freshwater and the surrounding area can just use their free… Read more »
Black Dog
Commercial suicide by the administration. It is hard enough to attract tourists here with the ferry costs as they are without fleecing them with increased parking charges. Once again this proves this lot have no idea and will almost certainly not be elected again. Just how much do they think will be raised? I would hazard a guess that it will be very little or they will… Read more »
Isn’t it strange how councils/governments of all shades immediately default to motorists when in need of revenue? Short of cash? What can be done? Errrr… What else can we wring out of our favourite cash cow? Want to drive your legal machine on the road? – pay for a tax disk. Do you want to park your vehicle on a road you have already paid tax to… Read more »
I enjoyed reading your comment above (Brian) the most, because you make some really practical suggestions as to how to get more money from more people. Sadly though, I fear that’s just what any Council employee will see: opportunities for more money, not an alternative source but an additional one! Besides, paying for parking is, in my mind, like paying for NOTHING! None of those car parking… Read more »
If charges are made in the Blackgang carpark then those responsible should hang their heads in shame. With one single action, those responsible have confirmed that they know little about the tourist industry and is guaranteed to confirm the message that it really is indeed “Rip-off island”. It will be no use bleating to us not to write to the County Press and make the facte known… Read more »

Thinking more about it, I’d be interested to see the ticket wardens trying to ticket the motorcyclists who regularly use Blackgang Viewpoint.

It would be like the Wild West with the Indains circling the cowboys…(vivid imagination)

Albert Street

Has anyone at the council actually consulted with business on the Island? Let us take one business like Hover Travel. How will this impact on people from the Island using this service?

It would be better to reduce car parking charges and benefit from increased revenue and visitors.

This is a disaster waiting to happen.


I’m a little puzzled here! How would reduced parking charges benefit visitors using Hover Travel?

Albert Street

My first paragraph relates to Hover Travel.

The second paragraph makes an observation that reduced car parking charges (nothing to do with Hover Travel Users). A Harvard study showed – A reduction in costs and charges induces users to positively alter their behavior in ways that affect their budgets and net income.


omg; consult businesses? They are worse than politicians.What sensible conclusions have they drawn lately? I thought they were the problem.


AS: This IS the consultation with businesses and residents according to the article, so it is not fair to say they haven’t consulted ….

I feel sure that small businesses will lose out to the regular visits by residents. I take my mum (who lives in a care home)twice a week, every week throughout the year, come rain or shine to Puckpool Park. We go purely for a coffee, hot chocolate and homemade cakes to the cafe inside the park (the best on the island as far as we are concerned… Read more »
Do I have to tell you again and again, labour is not a cost, labour adds value. It has proved it when jobs have had to go and they have lost money and had to re-employ.That is why they are given jobs in the first place. High paid managers are different. Why high parking fees, because the money has to come from somewhere and the decision-makers say… Read more »

Could anybody possibly tell me who pays for pensioners to travel free on SV buses? My guess is the council (please correct me if I am wrong).
Would it not be a solution if this being the case, rather then free travel perhaps a small charge for this service such as 30p per journey. I am sure this would counteract the price rises for parking. Just a thought.

phil jordan
SQ: The concessionary travel scheme (ECNTS) is a National (obligatory) scheme set by Government. The Local Authority MUST reimburse the bus company for the cost of the fare for a journey that starts in their area. The cost of the travel card has to be provided free of charge to any eligible resident (of LA ) and any eligible resident in the UK can apply to the… Read more »
Phil Jordan, you make it clear that on this particular issue your hands are tied by Government. On a personal level do you feel that my thought is one that could help save the island money or do you still feel hitting drivers is the best way to go? or would you prefer not to upset the elder generation for fear of losing votes. I voted UKIP… Read more »
phil jordan

I don’t want to “hit drivers” in any particular way. I am one! …as are 30 million other people in the UK! We cannot save money locally for the Free Bus Pass scheme, that’s just a fact.

There’s not much correlation between the two factors frankly.

You’re completely off topic. I would guess that some of the pensioners who travel free on SV buses will be those unable to drive, unable to run a car, or deemed medically unwise to drive. Some may not be able to walk that far. I’d also guess that they’ve paid their taxes for forty odd years too and like National Insurance it’s a pay before you go… Read more »
steve s

It’s a national scheme, SQ, funded by Government through the local authority. The LA has no power to impose charges.

sam salt
You are right Steve that it is a national scheme brought in by Government legislation but I do not believe it is fully funded by Government. I am led to understand that the funding given by Government does not fully cover the SV bill and is subsidised by the Council. Furthermore some three or four years ago the council were not able to check fully through audit… Read more »

Ooh, you youngsters are killjoys. Are the oldies not allowed a bit of fun? Are we not allowed jollies which incidentally we have been paying taxes for for years?
Try remembering that when you grizzle “it’s only a bit of fun”.

sam salt

Oh Colin how nice to be called a youngster. Sadly I am not and I have a bus pass (never used).
My argument is that free travel is subsidised and this “perk” should be used for necessary travel not jollies. Doctors appointments fine, shopping fine, but a day out for free, no.

Oh right, sorry. We’ve paid for this perk as you call it through our working lives with National Insurance and tax. It was a governments way of trying to help the elderly without giving an actual pension rise. Part of the thinking behind it was that those who were still able to drive with decent health and wealth would continue to do so. Those that couldn’t would… Read more »

Oh for those halsien days when local services were accountable to local people rather than unelected quangos or private enterprise looking for a fast buck – come the revolution!


So Colin why not make the free buses for over 65s means tested. That way those that can afford it should pay, and make it national so it is fair. This is how most things happen these days. That way the IWC would not have to subsidise sv as much as they do. The money saved could help to bring down the island deficit.

Who would pay the administration of the means-testing for the over-65s? Oh! I know- how about charging them to be means-tested? Maybe extend that principle to the unemployed by charging them for JSA interviews and the cost of receiving letters telling them that their benefits have been sanctioned? [BTW the SV website says “Concessionary bus passes cannot be used for free travel on our Island Breezer services… Read more »

I don’t want to get involved in a private fight but any Isle of Wight Pensioner travelling anywhere in England can use their bus passes. It’s not all one way.

Blame the old age perishers again, if they carried on using their cars instead of the free bus you would all have plenty of free parking, but you would have to stay in your car as you would be parked in a gridlock on Coppins Bridge. Work out the true cost of the free bus pass scheme. It subsidises some of the bus routes that would not… Read more »