School bus fares to be hiked by almost three times for some (updated

If you send your child to a school that is outside their catchment area and you want them to travel on a school bus you have to pay for what’s called a ‘privilege’ seat. From next term the council are hiking the prices by almost three times for some parents. The cabinet member responsible says “I do accept it’s expensive, but I do feel the price increase is justified”.

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The annual cost of a ‘privilege’ bus seats has more than doubled for some Isle of Wight parents.

‘Privilege’ seats are for children who attend a school outside their catchment area, but do not travel on commercial bus routes. More than 500 children use this service.

Term fares rise by almost three times for some
The system for applying for bus seats was opened last week. However, the price of tickets has risen by 37% on the previous year, and now cost £130 a term.

Parents are also no longer able to purchase just a morning or an afternoon seat.

One parent, from Ventnor, said the cost of sending her two children to Medina College, Newport, by bus had risen from £285 to £780 a year.

No explanation for fare rise
Julie Hutchison, of Trinity Road, said she had hoped to buy afternoon tickets but, as this option was no longer available, she had to pay for a full term ticket.

She said:

“I chose Medina because, despite it being outside the catchment area, the art department is amazing and it suited my children a lot better.”

She said there was no explanation in the letter to parents as to why the price had gone up.

Cost more than Freedom Pass
Claire Flowers, of Hawthorn Meadows, East Cowes, said she had also gone from paying £45 a term to facing an annual bill of £780 for both their children to Carisbrooke College.

She said:

“It’s actually cheaper for us to drive them both to school, so we will be adding to the congestion around the high school.

“The tickets now cost the same as a Southern Vectis Freedom Pass, which covers more days, but a public bus wouldn’t actually take her direct to the school.”

IWC accused of ‘punishing parents’
Another Ryde parent, who asked to remain anonymous, said it felt like the council was ‘punishing parents’ who chose to send their children to a school outside their catchment area.

Brading: The “council don’t have to provide the service”
Cabinet member for children’s services, Cllr Paul Brading, said the council had cut four routes from the service this year, after looking at the contract with Southern Vectis.

Cllr Brading said:

“Parents who send their children to a school outside of the catchment area should have to pay. The council don’t have to provide the service.

“It’s an expensive contract with Southern Vectis.”

Brading: “I do accept it’s expensive”
Cllr Brading said the council was not profiting from the price increase.

He added:

“I do accept it’s expensive, but I do feel the price increase is justified.”

Green: IWC puts “burden of costs upon local families”
Isle of Wight Green Party spokesperson, Vix Lowthion, told OnTheWight,

“Yet again this council fails to encourage public transport use and puts the burden of costs upon local families. These are spare seats and we should be encouraging their use – not punishing parents for doing the right thing. IW Council must reverse this decision – and fast.”


“For many parents – particularly West and South Wight – due to no high school or over subscription, council buses are the only way to get to any high school and all schools are roughly equidistant away, regardless of choice. These families must not be penalised by this Conservative Council.”

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“Privilege seats” is such a misnomer – this really shows the contempt the Council has for Islanders; “we’ll charge you three times as much and then call it a ‘privilege’ for a child to use the bus to go to school.” SMH…disgusting.

You have to laugh at the brass neck of the council. They build the schools in the wrong places and then would like everyone to pay for transport there. It was only the Free School setting up in Ventnor that filled a huge gap left behind by the IWC who chose to close the middle school prefering to bus pupils to either Sandown or Newport. The IWC… Read more »

The cost should be based around the running costs of the service and a resable profit for the operator – anything else is just stealth tax and the council should be ashamed – they are here to serve us – they do not exist for any other reason – who do thee people think they are ?

The Free School is over subscribed and has a partly selective entry policy. Therefore lots of children for whom it’s the closest school are denied access to it and have to choose an alternative school further away. The Island Free School was built with millions in funding from central government that was stripped from the budget of Local Authority schools, had this not been the case there… Read more »

The Free School was founded when island schools were in a bad way and there was no other secondary school in Ventnor. Was it fair that parents had to endure bad schools for their children because that was all that was on offer?


The Free School is no more selective than any other school on the island. Look at its admission criteria. Yes it is oversubscribed because it’s a good school, but those whose local school it is will get free transport to the next suitable school if they fail to get a place. That’s the legislation.