Small rise in number of Isle of Wight Covid-19 cases

The number of lab-confirmed Coronavirus (Covid-19) cases on the Isle of Wight has risen, as the UK figure reaches 271,222

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The number of confirmed Isle of Wight Coronavirus (Covid-19) cases has increased to 198.

Anecdotally there have been more cases of Coronavirus in the community, with Island residents who are showing symptoms self-isolating.

The statistics
A total of 38 people have sadly died at St Mary’s Hospital after being tested for Covid-19. In addition, there have been 26 deaths outside the hospital setting.

As of 26th May, 35 patients being treated at St Mary’s Hospital have recovered and returned home.

Find out more
A breakdown of national figures can be found on the Covid-19 Dashboard.

See OnTheWight’s explainer article on understanding the Covid-19 figures that are released by NHS England and Public Health England.

Residents continue to be urged to remain at home in order to stay safe and help the NHS save lives.

Government Covid-19 guidance: Stay alert and stay safe
Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently (video tips).

Social distancing
It is recommended that you maintain at least a two metre gap (about 6.5ft) from people who are not from your household.

Seeking advice
Use the NHS 111 online coronavirus service that can tell if you need medical help and advise you what to do.

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Friday, 29th May, 2020 5:33pm



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There are still 8,000 new coronavirus infections every day in England without counting those in hospitals and care homes. The World Health Organization statistics suggest it is the fifth highest infection rate in the world.

Why are we thinking of lifting the lockdown?


Any country with 8000 new coronavirus infections a day would be going into lockdown, not coming out of it!


Apparently the government has just received its second written warning from the Office of Statistics raising concerns about their misleading use of figures.

I wouldn’t trust Boris, and his happy band of sycophants, more than I could throw them.

How many cases were reporting via the app? How many of these were positive? How many people have been told to isolate via the app as a result of this? Why are we not told anything of use about the app? Elsewhere Mr. Seeley says it has been a success but I think he’s talking tosh. Perhaps he might like to answer the above questions without deviation,… Read more »

Scotland is not opening its schools. Wales is not opening its schools. Northern Ireland is not opening its schools.
South Korea has opened its schools after much more rigorous testing than the UK has in place. There has been a massive spike in coronovirus outbreaks again

Angela Hewitt
I have been watching on 26th May/pm it recorded a total of 265,227 new cases. on 30th May/am it recorded a total of 272,222 new cases, that is nearly 6,000 new infections in 3 days. I think this is very, very high (and as OntWight rightly states anecdotally in this and other news items) it could be more. If say for example one area is over… Read more »