This set of photos merge old and new festivals in one pic. Historic festival prices too

Some clever clogs has combined old festival photos with new in single composite pics. Not only that, there’s a set of numbers that show how much festival ticket prices have risen over the years.

1960s Isle Of Wight

Isle of Wight Festival will be upon us in a few days and so it seemed apt to share these two fascinating threads from River Island.

As anyone who attends festivals will know, audiences have grown dramatically since their beginnings. The variety of music festivals on offer in the country is enormous, with little sign of slowing down.

Fashions through the decades
River Island has also created a series of composite images, showing the very first Isle of Wight Festival in the 60s, compared with today’s ever-evolving festival scene.

Click on the images to see larger versions

1960s Isle Of Wight
1960s Isle Of Wight
1970s Glastonbury
1970s Glastonbury
1980s Reading/Leeds
1980s Reading/Leeds
1990s T in The Park
1990s T in The Park
2000s Bestival
2000s Bestival

How ticket prices have changed
Along with the pics of changing fashion, River Island’s research found that festival audience size has grown at an average of 535% since the very first Isle of Wight, with ticket prices increasing a massive 3,544%, just imagine getting that Glastonbury ticket for £1!

FestivalDecadesTicket PriceAttendees
Isle of Wight1960s vs 2010sThen: £2.25
Now: £175
Then: 10,000
Now: 72,000
Glastonbury1970s vs 2010sThen: £1
Now: £248
Then: 1,500
Now: 135,000
Reading1980s vs 2010sThen: £15.50
Now: £205
Then: 30,000
Now: 105,000
T in the Park1990s vs 2010sThen: £49
Now: £194
Then: 17,000
Now: 70,000
Bestival2000s vs 2010sThen: £100
Now: £188
Then: 10,000
Now: 55,000

Monday, 10th June, 2019 1:00pm



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