Tougher Covid-19 restrictions could be introduced as early as Boxing Day, says council leader

Isle of Wight council leader says he fears the Coronavirus variant may have already reached the Island as new case rates are increasing rapidly

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With Coronavirus infection rates rising rapidly locally, Islanders are being urged to prepare for possible tougher restrictions.

Positive Covid-19 cases have risen dramatically on the Island in recent days – a pattern repeated in other Tier 1 areas.

Council leader, Dave Stewart, said residents should prepare for the possibility that the Island may move into a higher level of restrictions, perhaps from as early as Boxing Day.

Last week the government gave details of a new variant of coronavirus which led to large parts of the south east — including Portsmouth, Gosport and Havant — being placed into a new Tier 4 level of restrictions.

Stewart: Covid-19 variant may have already reached the Island
Cllr Stewart said,

“The data suggests the new variant of the virus transmits more easily than other strains but there is currently no evidence that it is more likely to cause severe disease or mortality.

“Sadly, I fear the Coronavirus variant may have already reached the Island as our new case rates are increasing rapidly.

“However, we should not be dejected if we do come under additional restrictions; sometimes you may not win every battle but can still win the war, and that’s exactly what we will aim to do as an Island community.

“We have the first of the vaccines and it is being rolled out on the Island – last week in Newport and the West Wight, this week in Ryde and Shanklin.

“We will have more access to different tests in the new year and will make sure that we make best use of them in keeping our community safe. We will also continue to support businesses so that they can operate in a Covid-secure way and get through this pandemic.

“I do not know what may happen in the coming weeks, but I remain optimistic that we can all play our part in the recovery of the Island in 2021.”

Follow Tier 2 restrictions
In the meantime, though the Island remains in Tier 1, residents are being encouraged to follow Tier 2 (high alert) restrictions to help keep the Island safe.

Simon Bryant, the Island’s director of public health, added:

“We need to be mindful that infections on the Island, while still thankfully lower than in many other areas of the country, are rising and infection is spreading.

“I want to thank everyone for continuing to follow the rules which has helped to save lives. If you do have symptoms, please immediately get a Covid-19 test and self-isolate.

“It is even more important that we observe the guidelines of hands-face-space-ventilate even more closely than before.”

For further information on coronavirus on the Island, visit 

News shared by Isle of Wight council press office. Ed

Image: United nations under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 22nd December, 2020 5:19pm



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As the IOW Council Leader you have a lot to answer for by not insisting ferry companies restricted essential freight and travel only!


Not sure the council has the necessary legal powers to insist or make that happens in any way.

No surprise there, eh Dave? The totally predictable result of laissez-faire since the summer. As well as the government, the council and the ferries, supermarkets should be called out for their lax approach to the holiday season. I was not quick enough off the mark to get a delivery or a click-and-collect slot, and had to go shopping in person yesterday. Tried hard to avoid peak time,… Read more »

Nothing like closing the barn door after the horse has bolted, aye Dave?


How much longer has the island got to suffer this incompetent leader?

Benny C

Until Niton votes him out. Which, along with the folks of Chale who will have to suffer his short termist, blokey, silly, polluting bike race idea. Welcome to the 1980’s. While other Councils are forging ahead, Dave burrows backwards, keeping his inept cabinet around him who say yes to everything. Ian Ward is a particularly ripe lemon. Vote them out folks. You can do it.


Problem is Ben,they’re only following Downing Street’s bunch of idiots.

Angela Hewitt

So, if Dave get’s re-elected we will know who to blame!