Update on Flood Warning for Gurnard Lock

The situation has changed overnight and the Environment Agency have issued an update to the Gurnard Lock flood warning

The Environment Agency have advised this morning (Friday) that the flood warning for Gurnard on the Gurnard Luck is no longer in force.

The situation is improving and no further flooding is expected in this area.

They say,

“Water levels in the Gurnard Luck are falling. A much smaller amount of rain (9mm) than was forecast was recorded at Cowes last night.

“Therefore, the river level was not as high as expected. Today (Friday 20/12/2019), the weather will be fairly dry with a few light showers. This will allow the river a chance to recover.

“Tomorrow (21/12/2019), further unsettled weather is forecast. At each high tide over the next few days, the river will be much higher than normal. 

“A Flood Alert will remain in force for this area. Property flooding is not expected for this period but minor flooding impacts will continue. We will monitor the forecast and issue further advice if the situation changes.”

Image: © Dave Miller

Friday, 20th December, 2019 8:20am


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