Ventnor Fringe: The World’s First Semantic-Web Powered Arts Festival!

Ex-Ventnorian super-tech meister, Christopher Gutteridge has created an online programme for the Ventnor Fringe using bleeding-edge technical techniques

If that headline means nothing to you, you might well not be alone. If you do understand it, well done, you score high on the Geek scale.

Ventnor Fringe: The World's First Semantic-Web Powered Arts Festival!The summary – the Ventnor Fringe Festival has a nifty new way to help visitors find their way around the many events that are going on.

Luckily for Ventnor Fringe … and those planning to come to this year’s event, ex-Ventnorian Christopher Gutteridge is on the leading edge of the way data can be used and displayed on the Web (As you might have seen on VB previously, he’s doing some nifty stuff Opening up the Data at Southampton Uni).

Building on last year
It took him the mere shake of a lamb’s tail to knocked up a timetable for the Fringe last year – pretty impressive.

This year he’s been building it up in the lead up to the event, so the system has become more sophisticated.

There’s a dedicated mini-site that lets you browse through the events via the Acts & Activities, Venues, Event by Type or the individual timetables for the day. Not only are there descriptions of what’s going on, but each of the Venues are mapped too.

Mobile version too
Christopher has created two version – one for the Web (short URL and a separate version dedicated to Mobiles (short URL

Being tech-tastic, he’s updating the functionality all of the time, with his latest tune-up being a line at the top of the Web version what flashes up what’s showing now, and what’s coming up next.

Wednesday, 17th August, 2011 3:42pm



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