Wightlink advise customers to avoid non-essential travel today

Mechanical issues on the St Claire ferry and a foggy Solent are causing delays on both of Wightlink’s car ferry services.

Foggy boats:

Wightlink Ferries has tweeted advice to those planning to travel on their services today to “avoid non-essential travel”.

They say that the Fishbourne-Portsmouth and Yarmouth-Lymington routes are both subject to delays today due to mechanical issues on the St Claire ferry and a foggy Solent.

They go on to say no bookings are available for travel today.

Customers concerned about their sailing should follow the Twitter feed or email [email protected]

Wightlink say,

“We’re very sorry for the inconvenience caused and will update you as soon as possible.”

Image: © Used with permission of TomP_IOW

Monday, 3rd April, 2017 11:16am


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Are they seriously suggesting that people travel on their ferries just for fun?


Yes, if you fancy a day out.


A day out on the ferry?

I suppose with all the delays and cancellations spending all day just to cross the Solent and back is possible but for those that enjoy that sort of thing wouldn’t “The Waverely” be better?

Carl Feeney


John Hartill


Mason Watch

#flying pigs


This is a joke right ? Never heard of anything so ridiculous in my life in all the years I’ve been traveling to the island in all sorts of weather wind ext .

Steve Goodman

A reminder: shouldn’t we be making ourselves less vulnerable to the failings of unsustainable transport and travel and ‘just in time’ food imports?

Steve Unsustainable transport issues, like the traffic delays experienced everywhere in this land..if it’s not ferries, on the highways..it’s accidents, temporary traffic lights, road closures, or just too much traffic for the road infrastructure to cope? If it’s on the railways its lack of train crew, signal / point failures, train failures, floods, buckled rails from excessive heat, leaves on the line. And if it’s at the… Read more »
I'll Get Flamed
… and in my experience it rarely does happen Richard. Yes – if you drive from Winchester to Portsmouth in the rush hour along the M27 (my commute) you experience congestion. However, it is insignificant compared to the unreliability of the Solent crossing. Generally, the traffic queues around the Eastleigh / Airport junction and then a smaller queue at Hedge End and it takes 10 minutes longer… Read more »
jack black

wightlink must live in an alterative universe. how many people just turn up to buy a ticket last minute. at £50 a pop it isn,t cheap and in our universe at that price it is a definate need to travel.
best laugh for stupidity i,ve had all day

The Ancient Matelot

And of course, if only we had a fixed link, which of course, would be free of charge because those lovely tax payers would pay for it to be built and run, we would all be living in paradise, no delays, no traffic jams or congestion. Wouldn’t it be lovely?!


I’d be quite happy to pay £30 return for the fixed link.

It’d still be far cheaper than the ferry, have zero waiting time and operate 24/7.

If it was a tunnel it would also be unaffected by weather, too.


They are getting ferry unreliable now and I have No alternative but to use them for my journey east
I hate to say it but I think a tunnel/bridge might just wake them up and would at least stop there monopoly

IGF I can guarantee that if you added up all the traffic delays, mainland and here on island ( which are becoming more frequent! ) rail delays, flight delays I have experienced…it wouldn’t even come close to the wait / delays with the ferries I have experienced. You or no one else, can change the fact that the Island being only 27 by 13 miles approximately, can… Read more »
I'll Get Flamed
I am right now waiting for the 1900 WL ferry … it’s 1903 and it still hasn’t arrived in Portsmouth. I have driven from Winchester along the M27 which was severely congested and added all of 7 minutes to the journey time … then I arrived at Portsmouth and I have waited over 30 minutes for a ferry that is delayed! This isn’t unusual … this is… Read more »
IGF, We need more business to come to the island even if it does increase traffic, but please bear in mind that we are an end destination. Much of the traffic congestion on the mainland arises from traffic passing through an area on the way to somewhere else. This is not applicable here. And of course a link road to the motorway and trunk road network will… Read more »

The fact that the traffic has no where else to go makes the congestion more relevant.

How will a rd infrastructure unable to cope now, and the fact it has no room to grow..attract new businesses?

Yes the Island needs issues to be addressed, and so many areas have the same issues, but how these issues are solved are unique to each individual area.

There is no hard evidence that a link road to the mainland will have a negative impact. In fact by getting rid of the congestion that the ferries cause it could well improve traffic flows here. Particularly around areas such as East Cowes, Fishbourne Lane and Wootton High Street. But in any case the prospect of increased traffic volumes is no good reason to try to keep… Read more »

I tend to shy away from any fixed link conversations but I think it’s time this Island joins the rest of the 21st century and gets some form of fixed link with the mainland. I’m not in favour of a vehicle/car tunnel but surely a rail link with the mainland makes sense?



” No hard evidence ”

Have you driven round the Island lately?

It is very unprofessional to not look at the negative impacts a fixed link will bring.
It is not the answer to our Island issues, to slap some more tarmac down, as it is for other areas across the UK where there is room to do it and allow for growth.

I'll Get Flamed
Richard – it’s very unprofessional to claim that your personal experience driving round the Island constitutes hard evidence! You don’t know what impact removing “surge traffic” caused by ferries will have. You don’t know how many cars will leave the Island on a daily basis and what impact that will have. You don’t know whether HGVs will be incentivised through pricing to deliver at night and remove… Read more »
IGF It’s evidence gained by actually experience. Let me ask you this..why does it take nearly 20min sometimes more, to do a commute of 6 miles, from Sandown to Ryde? How could you improve this? And stop with this nonsense of one car off and one car on…utter rubbish. A feasibility study, Why? To tell us what we already know…that the Island, by its very geographic constraints..cannot… Read more »
I'll Get Flamed
Funny isn’t it that you complain about taking 20 minutes to commute 6 miles from Sundown to Ryde … but dismiss the fact that it can take 90 minutes to travel the 6 miles from Portsmouth to Fishbone (that’s how long it actually took me this evening)! You may think you know what the impact of a FL would be … I’m clearly not as smart as… Read more »
I'll Get Flamed

btw Richard … I didn’t say “one car off and one car on” … I said that you didn’t know how many cars will leave the Island on a daily basis … and you don’t … utter fact.

IGF You are totally missing my point. Yes I would like to travel the Solent quicker, but I would also like to be able to travel around the Island ( something the vast majority of us do far more often than go to the mainland ) and not be stuck in traffic. How far are you willing to increase the traffic problem here on the Island to… Read more »
I'll Get Flamed
Which is why we need a feasibility study to evaluate the impact (positive and negative) for all Islanders and Island businesses! One proposal (for example) was that a FL would include a plan to bridge the Medina north of Newport … that would have a massive positive impact on reducing traffic congestion and Coppins Bridge. Proposals such as this should be considered in an independent and professionally… Read more »


A bridge / tunnel across the Medina, all sorted then!!

You don’t need a feasibility study when the obvious is… Well..obvious.