News from the East Wight

If you’re interested in news from around the East of the Isle of Wight, this is the place to find it. If you’ve got a story lead, or have news from your part of the Island that you’d like us to share with our readers, get in touch.

Island Line ‘at serious risk’ of exclusion from franchise due to MP, say KILF

island line trains at shanklin people getting on

Island line campaigners say it's unlikely DfT would have considered Island Line being out of the franchise if the MP hadn't enthused about the idea of a community rail project to the government in the first place.

Thursday, 27th August, 2015 7:01pm

By Chris Quirk with 5 readers' comments

Dinosaur Britain: Isle of Wight hits the TV screens again

Dinosaur Isle

The Isle of Wight features in 'Dinosaur Britain', a two part programme to be broadcast on ITV on Monday and Tuesday next week.

Thursday, 27th August, 2015 4:22pm

By IW Council Press Office

Lifeboat launched in “appalling conditions” to help family of four

Gosport lifeboat

The family of four and two dogs had set off from Bembridge, but after suffering damage to their mast, the Gosport and Fareham Lifeboat set off to rescue them.

Thursday, 27th August, 2015 9:21am

By Mike Allen

Watch new Ryde Academy principal on your TV screens: Here’s the trailer

joy ballard - educating Cardiff - Ryde Academy Head

The incoming Head of Ryde Academy is saying things many parents and children on the Island will want to hear. Here's a trailer of the TV programme she's on this evening.

Tuesday, 25th August, 2015 11:52am

By Sally Perry with 2 readers' comments

Recovery underway after difficult season for Ryde Rowing club

Andy Hicks

Despite the difficult season so far, improvements are being made and the Ladies Novice Four Crew shined during the Southampton Coalporters Regatta.

Tuesday, 25th August, 2015 9:08am

By Steve Bull

Ryde Harriers take on track and multi-terrain

Ryde Harriers 800m

The Ryde Harriers summer series continues until late September, but their series of track races are almost finished.

Tuesday, 25th August, 2015 8:51am

By Tom Blackwell

Former councillor found guilty after shooting girlfriend in the head (Updated)

Walther CP-88 Air pistol

It's the stuff that films are made of. The former councillor and businessman claims to have no memory of the attack which ended with him asking to be shot by police in a stand-off last year.

Monday, 24th August, 2015 6:38pm

By Sally Perry with 9 readers' comments

Flood alert issued for Eastern Yar

River Yar

30mm of rain has fallen over the Eastern Yar catchment in the last 12 hours and another 20mm is expected in the next 6-12 hours.

Monday, 24th August, 2015 2:47pm

By Sally Perry

Heavy rain brings localised flooding (photos)

sandown flooding by Phil Farmer

Yikes, the heavy rain has certainly been having an impact on Island roads today. Puddles have become lakes and manhole cover make way for gushing water from overloaded drains.

Monday, 24th August, 2015 1:42pm

By Sally Perry

‘End of the War Celebration’ at Sandown Airport this weekend

the bunker girls sepia

There'll be planes, a parade, exhibitions and displays, music from the WWII period and lots more at the two day event this weekend at Sandown Airport. Visitors are invited to dress in period clothing if they wish to get into the spirit of the event!

Thursday, 20th August, 2015 2:41pm

By Sally Perry

Ryde Academy 2015 GCSE Results: Improvement in the number of A grades

Holly Smith

Congratulations to all who achieved great results today at Ryde Academy.

Thursday, 20th August, 2015 12:43pm

By Nat Nelson

Sandown Bay Academy 2015 GCSE Results: Some outstanding results

Grace Addyman

Some outstanding results are being revealed at Sandown Bay Academy with at least two pupils achieving 10 A* GCSEs.

Thursday, 20th August, 2015 10:32am

By Sally Perry