£3,400 Floating Bridge mesh matting removed only a month after fitting

The Floating bridge’s newly-fitted mesh matting (fitted only a month ago, costing £3,400), was yesterday removed. Here’s what the locals and IWC are saying …

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The large piece of mesh matting attached to the Cowes floating bridge slipway has been removed only a month after being fitted.

The composite mesh matting was fixed on the Cowes concrete slipway on 4th September in an attempt to tackle noise and vibration levels of the ramps hitting the slipway that have plagued the new floating bridge since it came into service in 2017.

However, within just a couple of weeks, users of the floating bridge told OnTheWight that it was starting to show signs of wear and tear, such as bolts missing.

£3,400 matting removed
Isle of Wight councillor for East Cowes, Karl Love, told OnTheWight the matting was “showing signs of lifting and removed last night”.

The cost of the 22mm Mini Mesh matting, made by Dura Composite, was £3,391. It is currently unclear whether this included or excluded fitting.

IWC: Mesh matting “always a temporary measure”
The Council spokesperson confirmed the matting was removed and told OnTheWight,

“The mesh matting was always a temporary measure to help reduce noise levels before the shoe was fitted.

“Having completed that work, which has resulted in a noise reduction, the matting has been removed and there is no requirement for it to be replaced.”

IWC press release says otherwise
However, in their press release on the 4th September the IWC stated

Leader of the Isle of Wight council, Cllr Dave Stewart, said the works – including slipway matting – are part of the pledge to improve the service in all areas.

Both the matting and the shoe – a device covering the end of the ramp to provide a flat landing point with the Cowes slipway – aim to reduce noise and vibration levels.

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Matting removed as of Friday 5th October - by Cameron Palin
Mesh matting on the Cowes slipway
Mesh matting on the Cowes slipway
Bolts missing from the mesh matting on the Cowes slipway

Friday, 5th October, 2018 3:20pm


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Email updates?
So it’s still noisy, the matting broke, and the Council is claiming that it is a temporary measure and the sound is fixed? Tell the truth, Council – you wasted £3000+ on something that didn’t work. You refuse to listen to the engineers who know what the problems are. Your staff are not a bunch of qualified engineers, and goodness knows you aren’t looking at all of… Read more »

As usual the council don’t know their ass from their elbow and are trying to lie their way out, again!

Another Perspective

What could the damaged piece of matting be replaced with, any suggestions?


A 333 tonne floating bridge will break or scrape up anything. It is a silly and wasteful exercise. The floating bridge is too big.


Councillor’s torsos ? Nice and soft, nothing to scrape until they get down to the bone, then the noise will return. LOL
So that’s no good as it’s just a temporary measure. But wait, we have plenty of councillors…..


Nice photograph of the chain anchorage point. Is there a technical reason for leaving it exposed to the salt air and water?