Boojum and Snark join Beers and Buses this weekend

Boojum and Snark in Sandown will be open this weekend, showcasing a fine selection of craft and award-winning beers and ciders as part of the Beers and Buses Weekend

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This year’s popular Beers and Buses Weekend (taking place 12th-13th October) sees an exciting new entry on list of venues.

The Hunting of the Snark
Boojum and Snark on Sandown’s High Street will be open this weekend and offering a fantastic range of craft or award-winning beers and ciders.

You can get your lips around a pint of Mad Dog Brewery’s Stouty McStoutFace, which the Boojum Brewery team helped make as part of their research for setting up a nano-brewery.

If you fancy something fruity you could try Elgoods Brewery’s Raspberry Wheat Beer or Bramble Cheesecake Sour from Gibberish Brewing, or perhaps Peach Tripel Abbey-Style from Hardywood Park Craft Brewery.

Micro-brewery support
Quite a few of the beers on offer this weekend at Boojum – such as Pegasus Rhubarb – are from Vibrant Forest, a micro-brewery located in Hythe, Southampton.

The Boojum team, who’ve visited them many times, say Vibrant Forest crew have incredibly supportive.

Where and when
You can find Boojum and Snark at 105 High Street, Sandown.

They’ll be open between 11am and 8pm on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th October 2019.

Follow their Facebook Page for regular updates.

What is Boojum & Snark?
Boojum & Snark aim to contribute to the regeneration of Sandown creating a sustainable High Street business comprising of a nano-brewery, micromuseum, hyperlocal food offering, gallery and retail space.

They plan to contribute toward a creative coastal revival by reconnecting to our distinctive past then actively cultivating a sense of pride in our remarkable community, town, Island and the fruits of our labour.

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© Caroline Knox

More work to do
The team recognise there is still a lot of work to do with the space, so they anticipate being closed after Beers and Buses, but then opening again at weekends between November 2019 and March 2020.

Opening weekends
They hope to have something on each weekend and are thinking about trialing an ‘anti-social Sunday’ where it’s papers, books, music and no digital.

We’ll keep you informed of updates as and when they’re available. In the meantime, go check them out over the Beers and Buses weekend for a flavour of what to expect.

Tuesday, 8th October, 2019 11:36am



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Mark L Francis

Anything that can sort out Sandown High Street has got to be worth the tax payer investing in.
especially if it involves beer (with or without the made-up names).


How much fun was that, really lively weekend and there must have been around 400 people through the doors. Thanking you all!


thank heavaens and slep that this is grant aided it would be a shame if they had to compete with other breweries without taxpayers money