Botanical residency for Isle of Wight artist

Over the next three months Guy Eades will be based at Ventnor Botanic Garden three days week

Artists Paint Brushes

Isle of Wight artist, Guy Eades, will be Artist in Residence at Ventnor Botanic Garden during April, May and June.

Based in the Temperate House Studio he plans to be working in the garden each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Speak to the artist and see his work
In the mornings he’ll be out and about on the garden itself.

Then between 2-4pm he plans to be in the Studio where he’ll have the work he’s been doing on public display and happy to talk to visitors about.

Admission charges apply. See the Ventnor Botanic Garden Website for more details.

Read more about Guy’s work in Healing Arts, which spanned three decades.

Image: Debby Hudson under CC BY 2.0

Friday, 9th April, 2021 12:17pm



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henry -no probably paintings of flowers, plants and landscapes – I think the clue is in the name Botanics


henry were you born a prat There are a lot of good people who work at the Botanical who do not support the hunt and never will so Don’t tar every one with the same brush


Will he be painting gory images of the IW Hunt?