Brexit could delay upgrades to Island Line Trains – SWR growing increasingly concerned

Cllr Ward said people have “muttered things like the government won’t make a decision until Brexit is clear, but we don’t know”. South Western Railway is growing increasingly concerned about the delays.

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Delays to upgrading Island Line trains could be being caused by Brexit — with the government refusing to approve plans until the end of the financial year.

An improvement plan for the Island’s oldest trains was put before the Department for Transport (DfT) at the end of May 2018 — as part of the franchise agreement the DfT must approve the plans before South Western Railway (SWR) can invest in the new stock.

The DfT looked set to return a decision at the start of the year.

However, cabinet member for infrastructure and transport, Cllr Ian Ward, said he had still not heard anything from the government.

Ward: We don’t know
Cllr Ward said:

“The DfT will not give us a decision before the end of this financial year, so who knows.

“People have muttered things like the government won’t make a decision until Brexit is clear, but we don’t know.

“We wait on the DfT to give us their verdict.”

SWR concerned about the delays
Cllr Ward said SWR was growing concerned the delay would push the refurbishment timetable back into next year.

He added Network Rail had announced it would invest £5 million into Ryde Pier Head.

Last May it was announced the Island Line trains looked set to be replace within two years by ‘significantly newer’ stock.

New timetables
Improvements in the pipeline include the introduction of a new timetable with trains every 30 minutes to sync with the FastCat, onboard Wi-Fi and charging ports, information boards and new CCTV, in addition to refurbishing stations.

Parallel lines will also be added so trains can pass each other, improving the timetable.

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Tuesday, 12th February, 2019 3:27pm



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Wow, another excuse.


They get daily more inventive. Over here in Bognor, West Sussex a local charity shop has claimed ‘brexit uncertainty’ is the reason they are closing. More likely someone at the DfT has calculated that a decision delayed to mid-Summer means they won’t have to spend anything till 2020.


Since when have trains sync with the Red Jet???

Sally Perry

Ha ha, well spotted, now updated, thanks for the heads-up


I wonder how many people now regret voting leave ? I do…

Billy Builder

When we go over the cliff into the abyss with no deal or slide down the slippery slip into the abyss with May’s deal, there will be no money for essentials like the NHS let alone a frivolity like replacing 50+ year old rolling stock