Country Land and Business Association welcomes Government decision on Coastal Access Scheme

Referring to the Coastal Access Scheme, the regional director of the CLA says, “there is better use of public money than spending it replicating something we already have.”

Coastal Path sign

Further to the news that the Isle of Wight will not be included in the Coastal Access Scheme, this in from Pippa Turner on behalf of the Country Land and Business Association (CLA). Ed

Following the consultation that started in July 2012 the Government has decided that it will not be making an order for the Isle of Wight under section 300 of the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009. Government does not consider the Isle of Wight to be a priority for the coastal access programme but has suggested that voluntary agreements with local landowners and the local authority should be the way forward.

CLA regional director Belinda Walters said:

“The Island already has an excellent coastal path of some 67 miles.

“To have extended the coastal access provisions under the Marine and Coastal Access Act would have resulted in Natural England duplicating that existing work, and clearly government has decided that, in these times of financial restraint, there is better use of public money than spending it replicating something we already have.

“We will encourage landowners to work with the local authority on voluntary agreements that enhance the existing coastal access on the Island resulting in a locally managed solution.”

Image: Garry Knight under CC BY 2.0

Thursday, 25th July, 2013 1:37pm



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Belinda Walters, eh? So I ‘googled’ her, and wondered about these 2 locations: 1a) Country Land & Business Association’s 2nd office (of 2; the other, main office, is in Andover) located in Brook House, PO30 4EJ 1b) Luxury Bed&Breakfast, “just a 15 minute stroll from the beach”, hosted by Geoff & Belinda Walters in Brook House, PO30 4 EJ What a strange coincidence of names and addresses?… Read more »
Now there’s a name: Belinda Jane Walters, also previously known for business purposes as Belinda Jane Harley. Director of a list of companies as long as my arm, mostly positions that she resigned of at some stage in the past. This, interestingly, includes a directorship of ThWART, and of West Wight Wind Farms Ltd (along with Ray Tucker of Real Ventures fame). Conclusion: very much a person… Read more »

Sounds like the type of person the Island could very much do without to me, thanks for the insight will remember the name(s)

Surprise! Surprise! The CLA welcomes govt decision on coastal access! (from the CLA website) “The CLA’s recently expanded public affairs team leads the CLA in influencing policy at local, national and European level. We are committed to protecting our members’ interests by maintaining a constant dialogue with key decision makers. At a national level this involves meeting Ministers and Members of Parliament, providing briefings for debates and… Read more »
And where do you think it starts from? A note about Ramblers: In 1931, the National Council of Ramblers’ Federations was formed because walkers felt that a national body to represent their interests was needed. On 24 April 1932, the Communist-inspired “British Workers Sports federation”, frustrated at the lack of resolve of the newly formed Ramblers, staged a mass trespass of Kinder Scout, the highest point in… Read more »
All I can say is that Belinda Walters has never walked the Islands coastal path as if she had she would know that the section between Ryde and East Cowes is simply along the roads and not on the coast. I have walked the path twice, but the second time I didn’t bother with this section at all and anyone who has walked it would fully understand… Read more »

Hehe, ‘Bystander’, yes I believe you may be right.

Though I doubt an ex-solicitor from London would’ve walked that far, where did Belinda Walters get the information “The Island already has an excellent coastal path of some 67 miles.”?

“67 miles” – really?
And all “excellent”.
Oh dear!

I mapped it at approx 66 miles at the time so thats about right, the vast majority of the coastal path is undoubtedly beautiful and I would recommend that anybody, resident or visitor, tackle it as they wont be disapointed. But the Fishbourne/East Cowes section is a walk along busy roads as you will discover and you would be better off getting the bus. Country Land and… Read more »
Several years ago for our first visit to the Isle of Wight on a walking holiday we stayed in a self catering apartment that belonged to Belinda Walters in Brook. It was a lovely location with lots of good walking. This helps to demonstrate that many Landowners benefit from access to the Countryside. I know several farmers and their families that love walking in the countryside. Over… Read more »
Why were they disappointed in the IOW coastal path? Other than the section I have highlighted and possibly the firing range Newtown area I can think of no valid criticisms other than inevitable coastal erosion re routing of the path. I have walked many long distance paths in southern England including South Downs Way, Test Way, Wayfarers Walk, Avon Valley Path etc and I can honestly say… Read more »

Landowners, plebs, Communists. What’s new ?

Farmers and landowners tell us that in these austere times that they struggle to make a living and need to diversify. Many have created successful B&B businesses or self catering cottages, with farm shops , cafes and ice cream outlets. Excellent news. A new national coastal trail with the same status as the Pennine Way would attract people worldwide to a high standard off road trail that… Read more »
I’m not so sure, the Pennine ways erosion is mostly due to the sheer amount of people using it whereas the islands is due to coastal erosion. Plus our footpaths are very narrow whilst National Trails are wide. One of the draws of the coastal path is that you are often free to enjoy its beauty in solitude, In compassion to say the South Downs Way where… Read more »
Mark L Francis

Much of the land in question is in fact state-owned. Perhaps it is too dangerous to wander about Newtown Ranges at present but whilst much fanfare was made of Osborne beach being “opened to the public”,it is only open if you buy a ticket to visit Osborne House, which does not come cheap.
Personally I would like to visit King’s Quay, but I can’t.