Day trippers to the Isle of Wight asked to ‘stay away’: ‘It’s not yet safe’ says council leader

In light of the new advice from the Government, the leader of Isle of Wight council says it is not yet safe for for tourists to visit the Island

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Day trippers have been told to “stay away” from the Island after the government announced that people could now travel for their lockdown exercise.

On Sunday night, Boris Johnson outlined his “first sketch of a roadmap” for the gradual lifting of Coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdown measures.

The Prime Minister announced that from tomorrow (Wednesday), people would be allowed to spend more leisure time outdoors – provided they stick to social distancing guidelines.

However, the leader of the Isle of Wight Council, Dave Stewart, said this should not be seen as an invitation for people to flock to the Island or move location to their second home.

He also urged Islanders to maintain the two-metre social distancing rule when outside.

Stewart: “Please stay away at this time”
Councillor Stewart said,

“The move to a new phase in the national response to coronavirus is best summed up in the new message from the prime minister to “Stay Alert: Control the Virus and Save Lives.

“It remains the council’s priority to protect our Island community in the best way that we can.

“To that end the message for those on the mainland who may be thinking of visiting us is: ‘Please stay away at this time – it is not yet safe for us or for you to come to the Island. We will tell you when it is safe to do so’.”

Myles: “The Island will wait”
Will Myles, managing director at Visit Isle of Wight added:

“The time to visit our beautiful island will return and we will be here to welcome our visitors once again, unfortunately that time is not now. The Island will wait!”

Like many local authorities up and down the country, the council said it was carefully evaluating the impact of the government’s latest plans, both for how it delivered services and for the recovery of the whole Island community.

Lynnbottom tip reopens
The opening of Lynbottom tip on Monday is a measure of the start of a return to some of the things we once knew before Covid-19, it said.

Cllr Stewart said,

“While it comes with a new booking system and a temporary road traffic arrangement, it is a demonstration of the sort of things we can and will need to do, as we start to recover from the impact of the virus.

“I am grateful to all Islanders for the way they have engaged with the new plans for accessing the tip which went very well on day one.”

For the latest guidance on staying safe outside your home, click see the Government Website.

News shared by Isle of Wight council press office. Ed

Image: cobblucas under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 12th May, 2020 4:35pm



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That’s a U turn from IWCouncil Leader, Dave Stewart, when only a few weeks ago he was very much wanting to keeping all the avenues for travel between the island and mainland open for anyone, and everyone to use, with those saying travel needed to be restricted to essential travel for food and medical needs only, being ridiculed and shouted down. So what’s changed for Mr Johnny… Read more »
Well said Kerry, when your elected as a Cllr and especially as the leader of the council you take on a very responsible job where you are expected to truly represent the interests of the people who put you there. You are judged on that pure and simple. When you consider the position he has taken prior to the app he and Bob Seely are expediting quote… Read more »

Dave Stewart knows, with the governments announcement, the infection rate on the island is going to go up, with the possibility of more deaths. He’s just trying to protect his political backside.


Spot on Fenders, the governments handling of the virus will come back to haunt them. We will have a public enquiry, investigations and the knives will be out watch them swim for the lifeboats.


Why do these comments always end up with people criticising, cant we be constructive. Irrespective of what this man said in the past – what exactly is the point of rubbing his nose in it. Maybe offer encouragement, for his change of opinion – lets help each other. If you`re bored – do some volunteering !!!

The ‘proof is in the pudding’ sailorfx let’s see how many times he ‘changes tack’ going forward. Yes, we don’t want visitors or second homers coming over now as we’re already moving into a riskier phase from Wednesday especially for those returning to work. For now we need to concentrate on our own survival as residents; but don’t feel sorry for Dave Stewart, he’s most certainly ‘thick-skinned’.… Read more »

Don’t confuse ‘thick-skinned’, with good old Conservative arrogance.


True 👍.

This is not about rubbing anybody’ s nose in it. If you don’t deliver what’s in the best interest of the people you represent then it’s right you should be stood up and counted. Cllr Stewart hasn’t exactly got the best track record in this respect for example he had no plan B or idea what to do about the floating bridge fiasco and his plan to… Read more »
Leisure travellers to the Island should of course be discouraged from visiting at this time and the Council Leader is perfectly correct and speaks for the majority of right minded Islanders when he says that it’s not yet safe to do so. Not yet safe both for them and us. Patience and restraint is required, both virtues in very short supply particularly amongst the younger generation who… Read more »

OK to tell us that look on on the wight but how many potential visitors are aware of this nothing even on South Today.Has any mainland advertising been amended?

Angela Hewitt

According to the ONS the figure of 33,408 is up to 1 May 2020. It is now reported/rumoured that the latest figure is 38,000. It makes interesting reading. ://


How many people really did do day-trips to the Island anyway?


Cyclists do


With C-19 endemic across both the island & mainland but woefully under reported due to a lack of mass testing why are people being asked to stay away?