Noise and speed issues on Military Road affect lives of residents and damage businesses, says Isle of Wight MP

Bob Seely says he wants to know more about the road safety strategy and hear the reaction from parish councils and residents before reaching a view on the first Isle of Wight TT race to be held on the Island

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Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Bob Seely, says he wants to see more engagement with local residents before he “reaches a view” on the news announced today that Isle of Wight TTDiamond races’ will be coming to the Island in 2021.

Bob said,

“Before I reach a view on this, I want to see more engagement with local residents and I would like to hear from parish councils, Isle of Wight Councillors and Islanders. Press releases do not amount to community engagement.

“I am aware a lot of preparatory work has gone into this and I am grateful for the interests of the organisers.”

MP: What is the opinion of Island residents?
The MP, who lives in Mottistone, went on to ask,

“Have cyclists been consulted? Have horse owners and riders? What is the opinion of the parish councils that may be affected? What is the opinion of Island residents?”

Comments here and on News OnTheWight’s Facebook Page reveal that the overwhelming response from Islanders today has been one of support the event.

Seely: We need long-term gains for the Island
Bob added that,

“We accept some occasional disruption to life brought by big, one-off events, but we need to make sure that the benefits outweigh the costs.

“One-off events are good for bringing in visitors, but what we need are long-term gains for the Island.”

Seely: “Significant noise and speed issues” which “damage businesses”
The MP went on to assert,

“We have significant noise and speed issues on the Military Road as it is, which affects the lives of residents along and near it and damage businesses. There are also noise and speed issues on roads elsewhere on the Island. 

“Unless long-term funding for noise and speed measures are included on at least the Military Road section, I fear this race may turn the route into a race track all year round. I want to know what the organisers and the Council will do to address this. I want more than vague assurances.”

Seely: How will this race will help improve road safety?
He also added,

“I will also want more details on how this race will help improve road safety on the Island and how the race organisers, council and police will deal with or reach out to problem drivers.

“I want more information on how this race will impact on cycling, not just over one weekend but in the build-up too. The Military Road is popular cycle route and encouraging cycling is important both for Islanders, but also for visitors.”

Stewart: Very excited to announce another first for the Isle of Wight
Isle of Wight council leader, Dave Stewart, who has made clear his support for the event said,

“We have been working behind the scenes for quite some time now with event specialists looking into the feasibility of such a race meeting, and we are very excited that we can announce another first for the Isle of Wight.

“We are committed to developing and expanding the Island’s economy and this event is sure to thrill local enthusiasts as well as attract visitors from the mainland and indeed northern Europe, which will help to extend the Island’s tourist season and provide another boost to our economy in the final quarter of the year.

“Our emphasis will be on the safety of the event and I am pleased that the organisers are keen to work with us in the coming weeks and months to promote safe motorcycling here on the Island.”

Wednesday, 29th July, 2020 3:16pm



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29 Comments on "Noise and speed issues on Military Road affect lives of residents and damage businesses, says Isle of Wight MP"

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Noise from non-muffled exhausts is something we endure daily… it would be nice for our illustrious MP to focus as much energy on the perpetual issue of noisy vehicles waking residents, not just a one off event which just so happens come with a higher profile in the media.

I couldn’t agree more. Daily on George Street in RYDE, motorcycles and cars speed full throttle, racing up to the top from the Esplanade, the exhaust – polluting our lungs, the sound injuring our hearing, and never mind the person(s) who will be injured or car that will be wrecked as parking is available both sides of the street. The quality and health of our lives is… Read more »
There has been no engagement at all with the Parish councils or any of the residents of the area. It is presented as a done deal because Mr. Stewart knows there are going to be protests. Having sat at a Parish Council meeting when Mr. Steart was present I was amazed that he knew nothing about the Military road being part of one of the countrys worst… Read more »
I wonder if those expressing so much enthusiasm for this event have stopped to think for one moment about its impacts on local residents and businesses and those who have different pastimes, such as walking horse-riding and cycling? Of course parish councils and local residents should have been consulted before this event was announced. It could disrupt their lives for five days and damage their livelihoods. And… Read more »
Chiverton Paul
Its about tolerating others – personally I find the bunches of cyclists riding round the island blocking the road very annoying and dangerous, I get fed up with the horse dung dumped regularly in my road by the local horse riders that also block the road. I inconvenienced by cyclists on the foot paths and the jet skis buzzing in the bays. However I have to accept… Read more »
Benny C

Of course he knows the stats. It’s an inconvenient issue when you’ve had an idea like this.

The problem is that it’s not the roads that are dangerous, it’s how the people ride them. The people who will race are experienced racers, not just someone whose skill runs out as their speed increases. God forbids that we bring lots of tourists to the island, given that it is the main income for us. People in sleepy hollows need to step up and help the… Read more »
Benny C
Mid life crisis or what! Consult locals about the actual impacts and this will, I suspect, be put in a drawer with eco island, Undercliff Drive, Island Roads contract administration, etc. As a priority Dave how about sorting out the chain ferry, Island Roads, the bus services, Newport’s emerging retail crisis, ferry prices, emergency services standards, the quality of the cabinet, councillor accountability, etc. These are about… Read more »

Just a bit too close to home eh Mr Half Sausage? Think of the other Island residents who endure (like or dislike) the various Festivals, Scooter Rally and the like most years. Just for a change, it’s your turn. Bet you “happen to be on holiday” when the TT takes place.


I think the ideal place for this event would be the road from Whitwell to Niton, round the one way system and back. Then Mr. Stewart will be able to watch the fruits of his labours without leaving his front room as it appears from the CP that he is taking credit for this.


Well said Colin, perhaps they could take a short cut through his bungalow


Interestingly Bob and Dave seem not to have cuddled up to form a joint view on this. They’d better seek the advice of Cummings before making further public statements else they damage their wobbly careers.

Good to see that Diamond Racers have some women on the team. Good to see also that Dave Stewart has a really good grasp on the climate emergency, no wonder this whole plan was hatched out of the public eye. So over 1000 cats eyes will need to be removed from the road, according to the videos over on their website. What’s that going to do for… Read more »

Please use the modern term: “road studs” – Sounds much more sexy.

Benny C
We get lots of unpleasant noise and precious little speed from Dave Stewart’s cabinet of curiosities Bob. And many of our Councillors prefer a culture of absenteeism to prevent them from appearing culpable. Chain ferry, island Roads, Vestas, etc. Can you do something to rev them up or preferably get them off the bike altogether so that someone competent can get us out of the expensive mess… Read more »
Chiverton Paul
Mr Seelys comments are yet another example of his press secretary using this event as a platform to deflect the negative press flying around about his conflicting statements on other subjects at the moment and the sausage gate debacle. This event seems to have been greeted with an overwhelming amount of positive comments in the media. Even the council leader has endorsed it, posing for press releases.… Read more »

Dave Stewart would endorse anything as long as it profiles him and there’s money in it. How he ever got elected is beyond belief. He should not be in the position of council leader.


Stand up and be counted Bob take a clear position. We don’t want or need these ridiculous events spoiling this Island. People that live here is the priority.

Mr Magoo

Come on Mr Seely get off the pillion seat or out of the sidecar and sit up front and ride this bike. We want your opinion sometimes not an opinion poll’s.
Don’t forget the protective clothing.


Half a sausage with be on one side of the fence and half a sausage with be on the other side, but he’s too scared to swallow.

As a lad growing up on the Isle of Man, it is a truly brilliant and really amazing to watch and be part of It as a local. The Manx people see it this way. There is excitement and a buzz in the air. It is noisy, roads are closed and business thrive from the influx of visitors. It’s all part of the moment. The TT event… Read more »
The estimate for the, admittedly larger and better established, TT races estimated by the Government to bring in £28 million to the Isle of Man. IW economy would materially benefit from this event, even on a smaller scale in an off peak part of the year. But Seely is objecting to it. Yet again, Nanny Knows Best Bob Seely has demonstrated that he is anti-business. But, he… Read more »
Benny C

Make them electric bikes and then maybe we have something forward looking on the table. As it stands this petrol burning era is on its way out and it’s a shame we have come so late to the party.

Chiverton Paul

If you read the full press release you would see one of the events is with electric motorcycles ……

Does this man not know that Milly Road has been used as a race track most Sundays since the Vincent Black Shadow days. You see groups of Motorcyclists waiting at a certain car park timing fellow riders doing ‘the run’. It doesn’t make the news for weeks on end, but suggest a proper marshalled, safety conscious event that would bring in untold tourists but will require a… Read more »

How many homes are there adjacent to the Military Road?



Not too many, but hundeds on the route through Chale, Shorwell and Brighstone. And most can also hear the noise from the Military Road. Does that help?

Noise and speed issues affecting residents! Yes, the residents will love it as the bikes go through at speeds you can only dream of doing and listening to the scream of a race tuned motorcycle. Damage to businesses? God forbid we should bring in upwards of 100000 people to the Island given that our main income is from tourism. This will put the IOW on the world… Read more »
Exactly similar questions (noise, inconvenience, disruption to business or residential life), are oft asked by residents ‘adversely’ affected for a few days each year, in respect of the IoW Festival, The Annual Scooter Rally, even the Cowes Week and the Round Island Yacht Race, the Cycle Rally, et al, etc. These questions are largely ignored, the greater good of the Island Economy and the vested interests of… Read more »