Did You Get A Parking Ticket At Newport Co-op Last Year?

Ask around if your family or friends incorrectly got a parking ticket at the Co-op in Newport from September last year

Mark Armstrong is appealing for information from fellow Islanders – specifically those who feel they incorrectly received a parking ticket while in the car park at Co-op in Newport.

Loads of parking ticketsMark says that in September 2011 he was unfairly ticketed there.

He told VB that the machine he tried to buy his parking ticket from wasn’t working properly. It asked him to enter his car registration using its touch screen, which he did, then pushed OK. The machine appeared to get itself confused and kept asking for the same information all over again.

Unable to buy a ticket
The upshot was that he was unable to buy a ticket. Returning to his car later he found he’d been issued a £90 tickets by a private contractor called Civil Enforcement Ltd.

Mark sent a letter to the company explaining that the machine was faulty, but they wouldn’t accept his plea, insisting that he pay the ticket and threatening court action if he doesn’t.

He says that he’s happy to go to court as he feels that he’s in the right,

That the equipment was fault he feels is backed up by an out of order sign appearing on the machine and it being changed in November.

Did this also happen to you?
If you feel the same thing has happened to you during September, October, November or December last year, Mark is keen to hear from you.

Chatting to a Island Police officer about this civil matter, he recommended getting in touch with VentnorBlog. Yes – we’re more than happy to help :)

Contact Mark
If you want to speak to Mark about it, give him a call on 562 927.

Do let us know how you get on.

Thursday, 12th January, 2012 8:57am


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  1. Sailor Sam

    12.Jan.2012 9:36am

    These ‘tickets’ that are issued by a private company are not enforceable. A privae company cannot issue fines or penalties as they would not be able to persue them in court. So they come under contractual laws which means any cour action taken would have to be against the person who enters the contract by parking there (i.e. the driver). That may not necessarily be the registered keeper (RK) of the vehicle (the details of which the parking co (PPC) can obtain from the DVLA). The RK is under no legal obligation to furnish the PPC with any ingformation what so ever as they only have the same legal autnority as you or me. They won’t take you to court dispite what they threat because unless you tell them who was driving, they don’t know who they have their ‘contract’ with. Even if they do, they can only claim ‘loss or damages’ which would equate to how much revenue they could earn. They would have to convince a court that a £90 charge isn’t in fact a penalty which they cannot legally issue. Personally I would not contact them at all, wait to see if they issue county court proceedings which I doubt if they will. Untill they do, they cannot do anything at all apart from sending you scarey letters in red ink.

  2. Sailor Sam

    12.Jan.2012 9:40am

  3. Once parked on private land remove the number plates…. gets them every time!

  4. These are not real parking tickets, but are arguably designed to give that impression to recipients: use of the scales of justice logo etc.

    The company has no enforcement power and would have to take every individual to court as a private litigant to enforce payment, and it is not clear that they can do this because a penalty amount for breach of contract is not enforceable in England and Wales.

    Civil Enforcement Ltd (which again is arguably a rather misleading name for a private company; not to be confused with official parking enforcement which is now called ‘civil enforcement’) has never been known to take anyone to court.

    In practice if you do not pay it is phenomenally unlikely anything will happen, apart from getting some threatening letters.

    The whole setup at this particular car park is even worse than the usual type, and in my opinion is designed to cause customers to underpay so a ‘ticket’ can be issued. Why else do they clock people in and out on camera, but require the customer to work out how much to pay. They know this information, but withhold it from the customer. Why?

  5. I parked in the Newport multi story last august. I should’ve had 2 hrs free plus purchased a ticket and have recently been sent a fine of £180! They’ve passed it onto debt collectors although that was the first I’d heard of it I had no mail previous to say I’d been fined so how can it be a debt? I’m currently disputing it.

    • That raises another important point. So-called debt collectors have no additional powers; they are not bailiffs. Without going to court all they can do is ask for the money. But, again, it is arguable that the public’s confusion between the two is being exploited.

    • Sailor Sam

      12.Jan.2012 11:34am

      If the ‘ticket’ was issued by a PPC (Private Parking co), then ignore it. There is no appeal process because it isn’t a fine. Do not contact them and tell them it was you who was driving.

    • I thought it was an hour and a half free in the multi storey and two hours in M&S?

  6. Paul Sammons

    12.Jan.2012 11:25am

    I wish I had seen this at the beginning of the week as I have already sent a cheque off to pay the fine!

  7. We got a parking ticket on Ventnor seafront carpark we had actually bought the ticket unfortunatly due to the weather conditions it flipped over and the attendant could not see the bit they needed.Which is fair and square as far as I am concerned.
    Why was a parking attendant looking at my car with (when we return to car)waves crashing over the seawall and the carpark flooded.The wind at the time (when we parked)was recorded at 32 knots.Surely the carpark attendant should have been issued with a lifejacket,a full weather suit and a harness clipped on to something.I will not be paying the fine I would rather go to prison see the MO and get my choppers sorted out!
    My real concern is the fact a public servant employed by the council went out in what could life threating conditions with no personal survival equipement.I would like to see the councils risk assement on these cases.

  8. woody of the south

    12.Jan.2012 12:02pm

    So what happens when a debt collector turns up and threatens further debt and police invovlement? Could they be arrested for harrassment/ assault (verbal)?……

    • Sailor Sam

      12.Jan.2012 12:31pm

      A debt collector only has the same powers as you or me without a court order. Yes, they can ask you for payment but that is all. It needs to go to court fist and the PPC need to win the case which is most unlikely. The police will not get involved because it isn’t a criminal matter… its pureley a civil one.

  9. Another gripe I have is why are the carparking spaces are so narrow.My house was built in 1969 the garage is okay for the car of its time like a mini.Cars have developed over the years,even the new mini is bigger.Why paint the lines that a modern car does not fit into then slap a parking fine on it.REVENUE!!!!!

    • Had this problem at Coppins Bridge a few years back, yes I was forced to park over the line, by other car and overhanging branches, car park was full except for one or two spaces. When I returned at the end of the day, although I had a season ticket, a penalty was issued for being over the line.

      Cut a long story short IWCC argued all bays were same size and I should fit the car in. I was so angry I went and measured a few of them (Sad I know) but they were all different widths, Council gave in with “On this occasion….” Well they wouldn’t admit they were wrong would they!

  10. Further to my last comment I’ve just received a letter from civil enforcement ltd. They’re demanding payment as they’ll take me to court. They’re completely ignoring the fact I purchased a ticket ‘which I still have’ or had any time there free and talking as if I parked there illegally!!! I’m so angry I don’t want to pay them a penny.

    • Sailor Sam

      12.Jan.2012 12:38pm

      Its highly unlikely they will take it to court but keep the ticket because if they do, then you simply show it to the judge who will rule that there is no cae to answer. of course you will get an opportunity to file a defence where you can submit the ticket (or a copy of it) as evidence. The letters will probably keep comming but I suggest you sit tight untill (if/when) a stamped court document arrives through you door. Remember, all they can claim from you are actual losses or damages. they cannot cliam a fine or penalty under current laws. £90 does not represent anything other than a penalty.

  11. What about citizens advice, could they help?

  12. Tom Evans

    12.Jan.2012 1:12pm

    Can I advise anyone in this situation to report the facts of the situation to Consumer Direct?

    08454 04 05 06

    If enough people report this they may pass it to Trading Standards for investigation. It is not just a civil matter, but it is not the type of potential offence the police will investigate.

  13. hi
    just thought i would put that i received the ticket through the post, it wasnt put on my car.also wanted to say thank you to everyone who has contcted me so far,hopefully if enough people come forward we can all get a stop put to this dubious parking company
    thank you all again

  14. Lisawarder

    12.Jan.2012 2:33pm

    I recieved a invoice from civil enforcement in July last year disguised as a PCN. DO NOT PAY. The most a court will make you pay if it gets that far is the loss of revenue to the landowner which in my case would be £1. Do you honestly think they will take you to court for a pound, I don’t think so! In the meantime I’m on about my eighth letter threatening allsorts of scary stuff like debt collectors and court action not to mention credit rating problems, which by the way is nonsense as there is no credit involved in this dispute. I have ignored it all and will continue to do so. All over a alleged 10minute overstay

    • Sailor Sam

      12.Jan.2012 3:35pm

      Looks like you got the message Lisa. Good on you.

    • Katherine Mason

      29.May.2012 4:00pm

      Hi, I am just wondering what if anything has happened regarding the parking ticket?
      I am new to the island, and (foolishly) parked there earlier this month. I subsequently received a £45 fine with a PCN number attached on it. After much searching on the letter- found that it was issued by the same Civil Enforcement company.
      I am wondering if I do not pay this fine will it affect my credit rating? I am hoping to gain a mortgage and the last thing I want is for this £45 to hold me back!!

      Many thanks in advance for your help.

  15. Janet Scott

    12.Jan.2012 4:29pm

    I also received a PCN which I am choosing to ignore.

    This link is very useful;


  16. hi
    there will be an article about this in this weeks county press with statements from the co op and civil enforcement ltd

  17. islandboy

    12.Jan.2012 6:56pm

    The sad thing is that this car park had lovely people working there when it was run by NCP. It is now run by rogues trying to catch people out with a machine that was always broken. It does the COOP no good to be associated with this type of company.

  18. I received a final reminder through the post saying I had to pay a £90 fine, I wrote back saying I hadn’t heard from them and they have told me i can pay £45 if I pay within 14 days, I don’t know what to do.

  19. Yes it was October 11th.

  20. I have had one of these too and now unsure if I should pay. I have to on Monday at the latest otherwise a 90 pound fine. I am not clear from the county press article as it seems they are saying if the machine was not working there would have been a sign (which there was not) so they obviously do not believe those paking there

    • Sailor Sam

      13.Jan.2012 9:51am

      Hi xcl,
      Have you read the very first post on here? Also have you watched the You Tube clip Link at post ~2)?

      You have received an invoice, nothing more. It is not enforceable without going to court. If they take you to court, they have to convince the judge that it is NOT a penalty (which it is). Being a private concern, they cannot persue a fine or penalty under English law. What they can claim is ‘losses or damages’ from you parking there which would equate to what ever the parking fee was. So if you want to pay them anything, pay them what ever it would of cost had you bought a ticket.

    • phone co op customer relations in manchester on 0800 0686 727 and tell them

  21. Hi Mark ,
    ….the same thing happened to me and they are now sending me letters doubled from £90 and now £140 … I am not paying it , the machine was not working and when I tried to phone the number to pay a £1 …!!!!! No-one answered therefore I could not pay it then I recieved the £90 parking fines , it seems like a good idea to park there at the time but its a con… if you want support on this I will be only too happy Kind regards Helen

    • if anone has had an unfair ticket phone dennis hilton at co op customer relations, he deals with the car parks and tell them you are going to boycott co op stores untill they sort this out, the number is 0800 0686 727

  22. On the day of this blog, I wrote to Civil Enforcement Ltd quoting some things that were said on the Watchdog video on youtube.. I also said I’d take them to court etc.. I’m now very pleased to say that they’ve now cancelled my £180 fine, just goes to show, you can beat the bullies :-D

  23. Janet Scott

    28.Jan.2012 4:50pm

    I phoned the No. Mark gave for their H.O. and spoke to a woman who kept referring to my ‘fine’,
    I insisted on calling it a parking contravention note and I wouldn’t be paying their exhorbitant fee.

    Anyway, I have received a ‘ notice of cancellation’.

    Thank you Mark and VB for publishing his story.

    It gave me the nudge I needed when I realised I wasn’t alone.


  24. I had my fine reduced from £90 to £45 and decided to pay it, not sure if I did the right thing but was having sleepless nights worrying.

    • Janet Scott

      28.Jan.2012 6:37pm

      Oh, Twiggy so sorry.

      If only you had had more confidence in my comment also 12th Jan. And the subsequent comments, you would have realised you had NOT been fined. Only the Police and the Council can issue fines. You received a Parking Contravention Notice.

      These people rely on their bullying tactics to worry peolpe like yourself.

      Don’t forget I also was very concerned until I realised I wasn’t alone, having checked all the above comments.

    • Don Smith

      29.May.2012 7:04pm

      Silly girl! I would not sleep if I had paid.

  25. I don’t understand the Co-Op parking in Newport. I parked Thursday 29th Nov at 12:15 and came back at 14:15. I entered my reg into the machine and got a ticket back saying Fee Paid £0:00. I had been there 30 minutes over my free period? When I drove in there were no displayed instructions on what to do, I assumed there was a plate scanning system on entry and you put your reg in when leaving and paid what you were due?

  26. Hi I’ve just got a letter saying about how I’ve been in the car park too long is this still a scam as I’ve known so many others get the same fine this week please help

  27. Sandy Nordbruch

    12.Oct.2014 12:16pm

    I had problems with a broken computerised machine in November 2011( same co-op). They have just issued a claim to the small claims court which I continue to defend. Has anyone actually gone to court?

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