Environment Agency officer assessing low levels of water in canoe lake

The officer is assessing the situation at the canoe lake and will report back to the owners with advice and guidance

birds in canoe lake

The Environment Agency have sent an officer to assess the situation in the canoe lake, Sandown, following reports of low levels of water and fish ‘gasping for breath’.

News OnTheWight got in touch with the Environment Agency after being alerted to the efforts of Matthew Sherwood to save the fish in the lake – which he has repeatedly reported as having low water levels at this time of year. 

EA: Against law to move fish without authorisation
A spokesperson from the Environment Agency told News OnTheWight,

“We have been alerted to reports, concerning the potential relocation of fish away from the lake.

“Whilst we fully understand the concerns of the public, it is against the law to move fish without authorisation from the Environment Agency.

“We regulate the movement of fish to help protect fish stocks and the water environment from harmful parasites and disease.”

Officer will report back
The EA officer will be assessing the conditions at the lake in Sandown and will provide “advice and guidance on what options are open to the owners of the lake”.

One third of the lake is owned by the Isle of Wight council, the other two thirds are owned by a property developer.

News OnTheWight has asked the Isle of Wight council what action they will be taking to remedy the situation.

For those interested to know more about fish movement and health checks, visit the Environment Agency’s Website.

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Monday, 10th August, 2020 4:39pm


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“…the other two thirds are owned by a property developer.” Is there a conncection? The heatwave could be a very good excuse for the death of the pond. And afterwards? Has anybody seen the plans for “Dinosaur Isle”?


Let’s hope he’s not using the same ruler the Council used for the floating bridge.

It sounds as if the EA only takes action when “alerted to reports concerning the potential relocation of fish” away from the place they want them to be to preserve stocks. If fish or any other animal’s life is threatened through the destruction of its habitat, whether deliberately or through negligence, I believe it is our moral duty to intervene to save that animal, if the relevant… Read more »

Bring on the promised thunderstorms with torrential rain – on Tuesday, Wednesday AND Thursday this week – to fill up our dried-out rivers and lakes for all the precious life that lives there, even the mosquitoes that feed on me, because they are also a vital part of the food chain.


As the treated water from Southern Water must be clean before discharge to the sea why not divert a few gallons or if that is not the case perhaps environment agency should be looking at that as well (doubt if anything will be done).