Festival launches bumper stickers in aid of Waterside Community Trust

John Giddings is never one to miss a marketing opportunity. However, this time a local charity will be beneficiary of his latest idea.

This in from Isle of Wight Festival HQ, in their own words. Ed

The recent debate surrounding the Isle of Wight Festival artwork appearing on the Island’s taxis has taken an unexpected turn, inspiring John Giddings, the Festival organiser to launch a brand new initiative to raise money for a local charity, the Waterside Community Trust.

The iconic Festival image, which has been used for many years, has now been given the go ahead by the Council to feature on the backs of Alpha Taxis.

Sale of bumper stickers to raise cash for Trust
Whilst many local supporters took to social media in support of the artwork, Claire Ball, contacted John and offered to personally display the image on her Peugeot 107, as well as the cars of her family and friends.

This unusual offer inspired Festival organisers to find a way of using the artwork to raise money for the Island charity and now the image, will be made into a car bumper sticker, available locally NOW priced at £2. The striking sticker encourages locals to Do The Wight Thing, with all funds raised donated to the charity.

Do The Wight Thing
All funds raised from the sale of the stickers will go to the Waterside Community Trust (WCT) a not-for-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers to ensure the swimming pool in Ryde remains open to the community.

As well as providing a valuable leisure service to a wide range of users, the WCT work extensively with young people and those with disabilities to provide a safe environment for personal development. The proceeds of Do The Wight Thing will enable a range of activities and necessary developments throughout 2013.

Council Did The Wight thing
John Giddings, the Festival’s promoter said: “There’s a whole aspect of the Festival that is focused on good causes and supporting local organisations on the Isle of Wight. We call it Do The Wight Thing and when the Council made its u-turn on our Festival artwork last week, we felt they were Doing The Wight Thing, too.

“The Waterside pool in Ryde is such an important facility for people across the Island and the work done by The Waterside Community Trust, especially with young people, is phenomenal. I’m really proud to support them.”

Ian Jenkins, Chairman of The Waterside Community Trust, said: “Working with the Isle of Wight Festival will give us the means to extend and enrich our community programme and look to provide facilities that are not available any where else on the Island. It is brilliant for the Trust to be recognised in this way and to demonstrate how the profile of the event can directly benefit our local community.”

Bumper stickers can be purchased from The Blacksheep Bar and The Waterside Pool, Ryde.

Friday, 15th February, 2013 12:01am


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  1. This is brill thanks very much john for the support, as I work at the pool and am very greatful for the trust in taking on this epic venture

  2. In today’s more realistic climate, they do look rather like half naked under-age girls.

    On a different tack, how about bumper stickers for the Independent group? (Though not half naked, please….)

    • The Council lets Giddings walk all over them. He happily gives them the Vs-up after they have given in to him, & says they have done a u-turn, turning the knife instead of trying to sound gracious. He’s rude all the way along, & will be to us if any more of us say the same!

      I understand why he would want to ally himself with the great people at the Pool, to cursorily improve his reputation here after his ineptitude (& rude response to justified criticism) at the Festival last year.

    • “The iconic Festival image”

      Its bog standard generic Art Nouveau style and I agree those girls look distinctly under-age and deliberately naive.

      Do The Wight Thing, or its, HMP Albany

      • Giddings does all he can to convince everyone there is a 40+ year tradition to his current event, ‘icons’ & all. Stars he books give quotes that show they are taken in….. I feel embarrassed for them & the public who arrive, that what they find is, instead, a site hemmed about by a town, everything regulated & monitored down to the last (& first) bottle of unsanctioned bottle of water, no individuality allowed by the goers, (many won’t realise what they are missing, of course). It couldn’t be more different from the real tradition of the real past festival….He should call it something else.

        Now, Rob da Bank, he HAS created something original, & in a wonderful spirit that is part of who he is…

  3. Bystander

    17.Feb.2013 8:27am

    Giddings will make even more money out of this in the long which is all he ever cares about in my opinion

  4. Negative, negative, negative. It can’t do any harm to anybody. People will not be out trying to ravish young maidens. They will be made aware of a swimming pool, also advertising the IW Festival. ‘It does nothing for the Island’ is the hue and cry about the festival, but give a few quid to a local cause and it gets pilloried for it. Come on. Get real!

    • Its not getting “real” its your opinion which differs from mine and others. Your point?

    • You have to first know any reference to the Pool is there, & then look very closely, RJC! Giddings doesn’t need to advertise to Islanders, it’s not about that, it’s about getting more of them on his side so he can continue to carry on regardless more easily.

      Given we don’t live in a world where we all can go about just saying “Hello flower, hello grass….”, there will be some negative stuff needs to be said occasionally, although the rather narrow definition of this used by Giddings is – anything that potentially cramps his narrow style.

      • Island Monkey

        17.Feb.2013 3:28pm

        If Giddings doesn’t need to advertise to locals, why has he put banners up all over the place – advertising his festival?

        I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s desperation – after all, unlike the award winning Bestival, the Seaclose park show doesn’t ever sell-out.

        Rob Da Bank and his team created an exceptional event in the true spirit of the original. Giddings is running a business. It’s nothing like the Afton festival.

  5. To quote a post by “gibbin82” from the Isle of Wight Festival forum thread: “John Giddings ignorant, a habitual liar or mentally ill?” which sums up what Giddens and the IOW festival’s sole aim is

    “Isle of Wight = 3 stages & approx 80 acts cost £190 plus additional ferry costs

    Glastonbury = over 60 stages & approx 2,000 acts cost £190

    Are you sure you got that right as “Yeah but he does throw one hell of a festival!!!” and didn’t mean “Yeah but he does throw one hell of an expensive and poor value for money festival!!!””

  6. I can easily see a large ad for the pool. Should have gone to specsavers comes to mind. I am no fan of Giddings, but if a few quid is helping the pool why knock it. He will not make anymore islanders go to the festival so it will not make him extra money. Tescos, Barclays, Wightlink all give do a bit for local causes, their companies are all despised yet we still hold our hands out. If Giddings is giving then touch
    your forelock and take it while you can.

    • I think you have summed up my case very well, RJC, we are to touch our forelocks & be grateful.

      I think it must be the most uncool event in the UK….

      • I see in the CP that Giddings does us the honour of removing his sunglasses with that delightful young man who is producing a music mag.. Giddings is funding one young man for not one, but 2 whole editions of his mag… Truly, you are spoiling us, Your Excellency….! I hope this does not leave you short…

  7. Bystander

    17.Feb.2013 1:38pm

    Did he ever refund the ticket prices which he said he would do?

  8. Island Monkey

    17.Feb.2013 3:33pm

    No, of course he didn’t. His rash statement was made when he cracked under the pressure of creating the island’s worst ever traffic jam. The promise disappeared a lot faster than his traffic jam.

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