Finally, the number of people with Covid-19 in Isle of Wight care homes revealed

Papers for next week’s Corporate Scrutiny Committee reveal the total number of Covid-19 cases in Isle of Wight care homes

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Papers for next week’s Corporate Scrutiny Committee meeting reveal that between the beginning of March and mid-May, 178 people living in Isle of Wight care homes contracted Coronavirus (Covid-19).

Nearly 40 per cent of all care homes on the Isle of Wight say they have supported someone with Covid-19, and up until 22nd May a total of 29 people have sadly died in Isle of Wight care homes as a result of the disease.

Is 178 on top of the 200?
According to Public Health England, There are now 200 lab-confirmed Covid-19 cases on the Isle of Wight.

News OnTheWight has asked Isle of Wight Public Health whether the 200 positive figure includes those 178 from care homes, or if they are in addition to the 200 confirmed by PHE in yesterday’s daily count.

Still awaiting answers
News OnTheWight is still waiting for answers to questions posed to Public Health and the head of data at NHS (two weeks and counting).

The Department for Health and Social Care said responses would be released this week.

Wednesday, 3rd June, 2020 4:10pm



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It was a Government Directive to all NHS Trusts in England, to discharge older patients to Nursing and Residential Homes. They were sent without being tested for Covid 19, to free up beds in hospitals for those needing treatment for Corona Virus. This is why the spread of this virus moved like wildfire through these homes. Many staff of these homes were also told not to send… Read more »

I am sure you meant to write Covid 19, there are many corona virus.
I know the above may seem pedantic but there has been a ‘bait and switch’ tactic used to give people the impression that Covid is more prevalent than it actually is and a corruption of the data has ensued.


The older human coronaviruses were first identified in the mid-1960s, but have likely circulated in humans for centuries. These include 229E (alpha coronavirus), NL63 (alpha coronavirus), OC43 (beta coronavirus) and HKU1 (beta coronavirus).2 For the most part, these older iterations present with a mild respiratory infection, except for HKU1, which can also cause gastrointestinal infection

Angela Hewitt

Why would data be corrupt? It might be wrong but why corrupt? Why would governments around the World make drastic financial measures at great cost to future generations. Why would the WHO declare a pandemic if it was just another one of those corona viruses doing its rounds?
I think perhaps you are not explaining your views clearly


Containing errors or alterations, especially ones that prevent proper understanding or use.


So much for the ‘protective ring’ round care homes.

Who can believe in a word this government says? The

I urge everyone to watch Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA on youtube titled “Coronavirus: How and why thousands of old people have been murdered” in 47 yeears Dr Vernon Coleman was the first writer to: 1) Warn about the dangers of benzodiazepine tranquillisers 2) Warn that passive smoking causes cancer 3) Warn that mobile phones (and masts) may cause cancer 4) Warn that tap water… Read more »
Angela Hewitt
After watching Dispatches last night there is no word in any language powerful enough to describe my anger, anger, anger with Boris Johnson and his side kicks and Labour for offering to support their decisions. They made the flawed, demented, decision to let the virus run. Commentators on this news site knew of the pending disaster this 4 weeks before lock-down was announced. We were able to… Read more »

It will not haunt Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson for one second.