‘Floating Bridge 6 should be scrapped’, say stakeholders

The Floating Bridge Stakeholders group argue Floating Bridge 6 “would never be fit for purpose”, and “should be scrapped and replaced entirely”.

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As reported earlier today, the Isle of Wight council may pursue legal action against the company responsible for the technical specification of the Cowes floating bridge.

The Floating Bridge Stakeholders Group say scrapping and starting again may be more economical.

Will “never be fit for purpose”
The Floating Bridge Stakeholders Group said 71.7 per cent fewer pedestrians with ‘economic potential’ now used the bridge, compared to 2014.

This excluded commuters and only looked at passengers likely to spend money in either town.

They argued the bridge would never be fit for purpose, and should be scrapped and replaced entirely.

Stakeholders: “This will cost the taxpayer millions”
In a response to the Solent LEP, they said:

“The council needs to acknowledge enough is enough. Throwing more money at it is wasteful, where as scrapping and starting again may be more economical.

“This will cost the taxpayer millions more either way.”

Drop in number of passengers
The number of passengers that use the bridge, whether by car or on foot, has dropped significantly since the new vessel came into action. The number of foot passengers halved in 2017 from 22,030 to 11,753.

More than 26,000 cars used the crossing in June 2016, whereas only 17,374 crossed in June 2018.

Increased crossing times
The stakeholders group argued the time to cross the Medina had more than doubled — at times taking more than 23 minutes.

Earlier this month, the group that runs the Floaty Finder Website said the bridge was running so slowly, their algorithms thought it had stopped entirely.

Love: Bring back old bridge if feasible
Councillor for East Cowes, Karl Love, has previously backed the return of the old bridge.

He said:

“If it were possible to bring back the old bridge, even if it was only a temporary solution until the new bridge issues are resolved, then it would go some way to restoring confidence in the service.”

He said he did not know if it would be feasible, but he was prepared to listen to the different options.

He said it was a mistake to sell off the old bridge before it was known whether the new one would work properly.

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The Stakeholder group which is mostly engineers told the Council in May 2017 to reject the floating bridge, and then procure a new one (using a low-interest loan) and to buy a launch. Instead they have wasted more money, including over a half million pounds hiring a launch, and what, they have an idea that maybe they should buy a launch instead of hiring one for tonnes… Read more »

Could have told them this month’s ago


The Stakeholders did tell them, since May 2017….

I do not believe it

If ‘Floaty’ is to be taken away to a scrapyard may I respectfully suggest that our dozy Tory Councillors jump on board to await joint demolition?


Here we go again! When are the Powers that supposed to Be going to stand up an be counted and LISTEN to sense and the people that voted them in.

Cant really make any comments on this post as I do not know exactly what is wrong with the floating bridge. So can anyone on this post and the previous posts please explain to me what is “exactly” wrong with the bridge, so that I am then able to approach the council with the correct and precise knowledge which will then be used to fix all the… Read more »

It is more a case of what is right with the Floating Bridge. Ask the business people whose businesses have suffered and some gone to the wall and the people who live nearby the have to put up with the noise etc etc. Goodness where have you been for the past year.


meganz0e10 says LISTEN! To the people, and receives 5 green thumbs up. She then makes another post, which basically says ASK! The people, and receives another 9 green thumbs up. I make a post myself that specifically ASKS the people. And I receive 10 red thumbs down. Is this a serious discussion or a game of lets play thumbs?