Floating Bridge Out Of Action For Two Weeks

Work starts on Monday for two yearly refit and service

This in from the council, in their own words. Ed

Cowes Passenger LaunchThe Cowes Floating Bridge will be withdrawn from service for up to two weeks from Monday 28 March for its two-yearly refit and service.

A passenger launch will be put in place of the service which cyclists can also use.

The refit is estimated to take between 10 – 14 days and diversion signs for motorists will be put in place during the work.

The council apologises for any inconvenience caused.

Image: © Used with the kind permission of Allan Marsh

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15 Comments on "Floating Bridge Out Of Action For Two Weeks"

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allan marsh

great out for Easter ,kids break up on the 8th


I am sure Waitrose will be pleased …..

witchfinder general

There will still be a passenger ferry. What’s the problem! Not many locals use the bridge with a vehicle.

allan marsh

this statement made with loads of local knowledge i guess

witchfinder general

Stands to reason dont it. Why would somebody from either side want to drive and pay for the trip and then pay for the car parks. Surely even our disabled friends have enough mobility aids to do the ten minutes to cover the shopping areas each side.


They may have a problem getting a mobility scooter on the passenger ferry though!


Waitrose parking gratis (including broomsticks) – say, six full shopping bags? – still, I expect with your local knowledge there will be no commercial impact on trade.


And what would you have the chain ferry company do? Would you rather they didn’t service the boat every two years?

Is it really, in all honesty, going to affect your life that much?

allan marsh

we do not just go to Cowes ,it’s a good way of not going to newport to get round the island

witchfinder general

Well it’s only 2 weeks. I still can’t see the problem. But as I never go to East Cowes apart from using the ferry. What do I know. Don’t ask me to take a trip there,I would not go. If the world was going to have piles, that’s where they would be.


Witchfinder General, does you Mum know you’re on the computer? Perhaps you should get back to doing your homework.


Yeah, come on Witchfinder General, don’t you know you’re supposed to toe the ‘company line’ on here? Unless you’re going to complain please don’t post comments in future. Thank you.

Steve & Jane

As has been said before; life here would be so much better if our public servants acted responsibly and didn’t draw attention to their failings (our council is rated 2 star only; it’s not just us commenting on their poor performance).
We would much rather be singing, sailing, surfing, swimming, or even swearing on Youtube like our council leader.

allan marsh

is it going away to be overhauled or are they just going to bash it about on the slipway again


I remember paying 20p each way and the Floating Bridge being reliable and well cared for.

Now we get it for free its a rusting mess.