Floating Bridge to be suspended yet again due to another oil leak

A leak of hydraulic oil from the ram means the Floating Bridge will have to be taken out of service yet again

Suspended service sign at the Cowes Floating Bridge - with the message suspended again

The Cowes Floating Bridge will be suspended shortly due to yet more failures.

The Isle of Wight councillor for East Cowes, Cllr Karl Love, has been informed that once crew for the Jenny Lee foot passenger ferry are in place, the Bridge will be taken out of service.

The cause of the suspension is “a hydraulic oil leak occurring from the south west ram, which left unattended will ultimately dispose of hydraulic oil into the river”.

The Bridge will be suspended whilst this is examined and the cause of the leak detected.

More news once we have it.

The Bridge was taken out of service on Saturday 7th November, returning on Monday 16th following failure of a component of the hydraulic ram.

It was also taken out of service Saturday 31st October due to a “blown weld on the north west prow hydraulics causing the leak”.

This following the Bridge being out of service for 13 weeks over the summer, losing the council over £100,000 in just one month.

The previous Floating Bridge ran at a profit, putting money into the council’s coffers, whilst Floating Bridge 6 has been a near-continuous drain on finances.

Friday, 27th November, 2020 9:43am


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Don’t panic! Ward and Stewart are on their way on their e-scooters!

Jenny Smart


Reports are coming in that Ward’s and Stewart’s e.scooters have run out of power on Horsebridge Hill

Benny C
In a hushed press conference a confident Ian Ward said “ perceptions are misleading, it’s actually a reliable and well procured vessel. I personally have seen it at least once.” Later, a conservation was overheard between Ian and Councillor Churchman, who approached her friend, affectionately known to her as Mainwaring, to thank him for delivering such a nice new Fast Cat, and to ask how far he… Read more »

Another oil leak?

Did they tighten the nuts on the hydraulic hoses?

Perhaps the hoses have been on and off so many times the screw threads are crossed?

Benny C

Dave Stewart needs to tighten the nuts in his cabinet.

And so the Pantomime season approaches its fourth successful year with sparkling performances anticipated from the usual loveable cast in “Eff Bees Ix, the medieval title of a well known Panto favourite here on the Island. Dave Stewart reprises his role as the Dame with his hilarious lines delivered in that wonderfully deadpan manner, as if permanently slightly confused. Then Ian Ward’s sensitive interpretations of both the… Read more »
Benny C

Look! The ferry! It’s….its….it’s working!!!!
Oh no it isn’t!
Oh yes it is!
Oh no it isn’t..
Oh no it isn’t again….
Curtain falls to end the performance with the sound of unanimous voting in favour of a pay rise followed by vigorous back slapping.


Wonder if this is another fracture.


Come on people, let’s be reasonable, every new bit of high tech is going to have teething problems.

Steve Goodman

Which is why expensive experimentation might be best left to those not needing reliability and cost-effectiveness…


Tongue in cheek I hope…

Benny C

Teething problems aren’t quite the same as obvious major design flaws and terrible procurement project management.