Floating Bridge taken out of service yet again

A foot passenger launch will be in operation shortly

floating bridge suspended sign

The Cowes Floating Bridge is out of service again today.

The Isle of Wight council advised at 10.37am that,

“The Cowes floating bridge is currently out of service to allow engineers to inspect a prow hinge. A foot passenger launch will be in operation shortly.

“We apologise for any inconvenience.”

Why again?
The Floating Bridge was suspended last weekend due to an oil leak in the hydraulics. It was fixed and back in service within a few hours, but that was after being out of service for 13 weeks and problems with the hydraulics apparently being fixed.

Hopefully this weekend, as the country is now in second Coronavirus lockdown, the service being suspended today should only affect those shopping for food for medicine, or people trying to get to work.

Saturday, 7th November, 2020 10:58am


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5 Comments on "Floating Bridge taken out of service yet again"

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Can we junk it now? Pleeeeze!


“A foot passenger launch will be in operation shortly” – does this carry bicycles, e-bikes, buggies, W/cs mobility scooters and other non combustion engine (and e-cars) vehicles?


Wish they’d just stop wasting our money and scrap the heap of junk now, it’s clearly not fit for purpose.

Angela Hewitt
Going backwards, the reason the replacement floating bridge was commissioned was because the Cowes Harbour -important people – said it was causing some sort of problem I think with the keel of new types of boats – or something like that – I am not any expert. SO, who recommended the company that built this “thing” and why were they chosen or was it just general sloppiness.… Read more »

Such a shame :-(