Southampton Uni launches Free Digital Marketing MOOC course: Sign up now!

Get yourself up to speed online with this Digital Marketing course, which OnTheWight are proud to have collaborated with Southampton University on

Southampton Uni Digital Marketing Mooc

There isn’t a business that wouldn’t benefit from learning more about how to market itself better online.

Happily, Southampton University has today launched a free online course to help individuals and business understand what’s available in Digital Marketing now, as well as future trends.

Southampton Uni is a world leader in online, programming and data – hardly surprising when you’ve got the Web’s inventor, Tim Berners-Lee on staff – so it’s pretty certain that if anyone knows about online, it’ll be them.

Contributions from OnTheWight
With this in mind, it was obviously very flattering when Digital Mentor, Madeline Paterson, came to OnTheWight and asked us how we use Digital Marketing to publish and share our Isle of Wight news stories with all of you.

We popped over to West Quay for the filming and gave them a slice of our secrets, a selection of which have made their way on to the course, to run along side of other practitioners.

The course runs for three weeks and is structured as a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), so you do the learning and work as and when it suits you.

It’s a MOOC! – A what?!
Southampton are getting into MOOCs in a big way, to great effect, with over 100,000 people signed up from over 180 countries to their MOOC courses already.

With a worldwide sign up like that, it make us proud that the Isle of Wight will be entering the lives of people across the globe.

Get signed up!
So, what are you waiting for, get yourself over to their Digital Marketing: Challenges and Insights and get yourself signed up – it’s free!

Course trailer

Monday, 13th October, 2014 4:54pm



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3 Comments on "Southampton Uni launches Free Digital Marketing MOOC course: Sign up now!"

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Steephill Jack

This should not pass without comment. A great opportunity and a sign of the way learning will be delivered in future. Also great to see OnTheWight leading the way once again: well done !


Well done Simon. Looks like an interesting course. Good to see you being recognised off the island.

Dave Simon

More than just technology, this course will give any business a quick overview of the pros ad cons without pushing any particular method – a chance for some impartial perspective in an increasingly complicated world.