Help make ‘loudest clap ever’ on Sunday to celebrate 72 years of NHS

To say a collective thank you, join in a one-off clap to say thank you to everyone who has helped the NHS through the crisis so far

NHS72 Birthday poster and thank you card

This year to mark 72 years of the National Health Service the Island’s NHS want to say a special thank you to our Island community for the overwhelming support received over recent months.

There have been so many acts of kindness and offers of help from local businesses and Islanders; each and every one truly appreciated by everyone at IOW NHS Trust.

Generous donations and gifts have raised staff spirits and boosted morale no end and helped to ease the pressure at a difficult and challenging time for all.

Rainbow pictures have brought a smile to many faces and given hope and not forgetting the love and appreciation shown every Thursday evening for those working on the frontline.

Oldham: A chance for us to thank our community for their help
Maggie Oldham, Chief Executive said:

“Sunday marks the 72nd birthday of the National Health Service and we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every member of the Trust team for going above and beyond in recent months to care for our patients, our community, as well as each other.

“The 5th July this year, is a moment for everyone to reflect on everything our community has recently endured, stand in solidarity to mourn those who have been lost, and thank those who are risking so much to keep us safe.

“This NHS birthday is also a chance for us to thank our community for their help – from the Island businesses who helped us set up our field hospitals, to the Isle of Wight Rifles and Scots Guards, to the volunteers and all of the key workers who have kept us going. We thank them all.”

The loudest clap ever
To say a collective thank you, at 5pm, you can join in a one-off clap – the loudest ever – to say thank-you to everyone who has helped us through the crisis so far.

Raise a glass, mug or cuppa to our friends, families, colleagues and neighbours.

News shared by Isle of Wight NHS Trust, in their own words. Ed

Friday, 3rd July, 2020 2:28pm



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Try voting for a party and individual candidates who are willing to fund the NHS properly, from staff to beds to medication. Running the service into the ground is a political choice. Wake up.

Suffering from the aftereffects of a bereavement that should have been completely avoidable, but due to NHS procedures nevertheless happened, I tend to think that attilathepun does have a point. I am not having a go at the frontline staff who have done an admirable job, but there is something seriously wrong with the way the NHS is run and managed. I know of two cases where… Read more »
I am sorry for your loss and for everyone who has lost a family member or friend, either directly to coronavirus or because of the knock-on effect on the whole service. Yes, many of these deaths were probably preventable, which makes it even harder to bear the loss. Indeed, there is something seriously wrong with the way the NHS is run. It begins at government level, with… Read more »

Report released by the ONS today: care homes that use more agency staff (outsourced) have more infection in staff and residents. Outsourcing is widespread across the NHS as well as the care sector.

It is unreasonable to applaud the NHS as if it operated as a single, flawless, entity. Nor is it reasonable to suggest that staff are working there in equal measures, and are not working for personal profit. However, the unexpected strain imposed on certain areas of NHS work and the forced redundancy of other parts (such as cancer treatment) as a result of Corona should pave the… Read more »
The fact that the NHS exists is worth applauding. The late Harry Leslie Smith, born c.1920 and fought in the war, was eloquent on the subject of growing up too poor to see a doctor. Then there are the truly heroic efforts of all the frontline staff who have continued to go to work through Covid-19 despite the horrific conditions and the risk to their own health… Read more »

With respect, clinical staff do work for personal profit. That is undeniable. To prove the point, why not ask them to take a pay cut? They are willing staff members who have entered freely into a contract with known levels of pay and conditions.


Saying ‘undeniable’ does not make it so. And you are very quick to dispose of other people’s livelihoods. Is that you, Jacob?


I don’t think that you understand my point: medical staff etc voluntarily and freely go into the profession in full knowledge of their pay. It is a commercial decision on their part motivated. Finance is the primary motivation followed by altruism. I am very glad that so many chose that decision and believe that their services offer value for money.


Why should we clap? For the NHS fatally delaying (presuming they get done eventually for those who are still alive) diagnostic procedures for cancer and other conditions? For two months (or more?) with no dentists? For not being able to see a doctor? For the abandonment of the mentally ill?


I have sympathy with your point of view. If clapping must be done it should be in appreciation of the front line staff of the NHS who, truly, are putting up with a great deal. The management and administration, less so.


I daresay many of those packing beaches and parks recently ‘clapped for the NHS’ …my socially distanced claps were, and will be again on Sunday, for all front-line workers.

I am sure we are all grateful to the NHS workers, particularly over the last few months for the sterling work they do. Similarly, we are almost all grateful that healthcare costs are basically free and not going to bankrupt us. After that, i am not particularly grateful for the NHS, though. Other countries around the world who aren’t America manage to have “free” health care without… Read more »
Who are these phantom people who are suggesting anybody wants a US style health system? Not being political but nobody wants this. However much money you have for health it will never be enough. Also you may see administration and Management as a waste of money but try running the NHS. or any business or service without these people too. It has to be joined up. Best… Read more »
If by ‘phantom’ you mean me, I am an actual person and a long term resident of the island. The information about the agenda to privatise the NHS is abundant, and I do not mean on social media. Educate yourself — you could begin by talking to non-management workers in the NHS about the realities of the current system. (Don’t know any? I thought not.) ‘Political’ is… Read more »