Night shelter arrangements for the Isle of Wight homeless

It’s that time of year when those sleeping rough need somewhere safe and warm to sleep. OnTheWight has the details of this winter’s arrangements.

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The council share this latest news. Ed

The Isle of Wight Council is again teaming up with the Salvation Army to provide a night shelter for homeless people this winter.

As last year, the local authority has partnered with the Island charity to ensure people at risk of sleeping rough will have a safe place to stay.

Open from Saturday
The Salvation Army will use its headquarters in Pyle Street, Newport, as a night shelter, which will open from 1 December to 31 March 2019.

Hot food and a bed will be available.

Cllr Clare Mosdell, Cabinet member for homeless provision, said:

“This shelter is more than just tea and sympathy and more than a bed and safe place to stay at night.

“It also seeks to include a supporting and caring arm to help people rebuild their lives, helping us make a real difference them.”

The night shelter will be accessed through the Salvation Army’s outreach team or the council’s homeless prevention team.

Anderson: “A trusted partnership”
Laurie Anderson, of The Salvation Army’s Homelessness Services Unit, said:

“We are delighted to support the council’s winter provision.

“We have a trusted partnership with them and they recognise the need to ensure that people who are sleeping rough on the Isle of Wight during the winter months have somewhere safe and warm to sleep.

“The winter night shelter is a vital lifeline for rough sleepers.

“We will make sure anyone referred to us will get warm food, a listening ear without judgement and will be sign-posted to services that can offer support to their immediate needs.”

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Tuesday, 27th November, 2018 12:50pm



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Email updates?

Appalling hypocrisy from councillor Mosdell! There is no homelessness problem therefore the council wont allow the Bus Shelter to operate. But now that council can work in partnership with the Salvation Army and ‘bask ‘ in their wonderful benevolence there suddenly are homelessness. I am truly at loss for words for her behaviour!

“It’s that time of year again when those sleeping rough need somewhere safe & warm to sleep”???? EXCUSE ME WHILST I SMASH MY HEAD INTO THIS WALL… Why is it only now that this issue is being publicised? Some kind of pseudo-Christian morality check because of the upcoming, over-commercialed Xmas holiday??? What about the rest of the year? Never gets a mention! I looked at the IOWCC… Read more »

What happened to the Bus Shelter then..? Surely if this resource is still on the island and available it could be used – what is the story behind this and the Council not allowing it to operate..?

Long story short….they had site at Seaclose Park by Councils agreement. Evicted 2 years before IOW Festival . Been looking for permanent site since then. Council completely unhelpful. Sandown company offered them temporary site ( as reported here last March. Since then Councillor M and stood in their way to obtaining planning permission to operate there whilst not working with them to find permanent site. It… Read more »

Absolute farce isn’t it…