Lockdown research uncovers the true identities of two Dickens’ characters, and they lived in Bonchurch

Ink and quill

This lockdown project has uncovered that two of Charles Dickens' characters were based on real Bonchurch residents. See within

Sunday, 4th April, 2021 10:45am

By Sally Perry with one comment

When Grange Hill came to the Isle of Wight (Video) (updated)

Grange Hill came to the Isle of Wight

Flippin’ ‘eck Tucker! Grange Hill came on a school trip to the Isle of Wight at the end of the ‘80s, staying at East Dean and other IW locations

Sunday, 31st January, 2021 5:13pm

By Simon Perry with 3 readers' comments

East Dene closure ‘devastating’ – just three years short of Centenary

East Dene with blue sky behind

Home to a Victorian poet and raconteur, East Dene has since been a convent, country hotel and residential centre for school trips. It closes its doors for the last time this week

Wednesday, 27th January, 2021 5:48pm

By Sally Perry with one comment

Nick Percy, Isle of Wight discus thrower retains British title, winning Gold for fourth year

Nick Percy throwing discus

Flying the flag for the Isle of Wight, the 25-year-old discus thrower has secured Gold for the fourth time running at the British Athletics Championships

Monday, 7th September, 2020 12:56pm

By Karen Woods

Cheers! Two Isle of Wight pubs feature in prestigious heritage pub guide

woman raising pint glass in pib

As well as the two Isle of Wight pubs making it into this prestigious heritage guide, the history of past breweries is also included

Thursday, 25th June, 2020 8:16am

By Sally Perry with 4 readers' comments

Sally Halsey returns to the Isle of Wight for two piano concerts

sally and joshua

Isle of Wight pianist, Sally Halsey returns to the Island for two charity concerts this month. A variety performance at Quay Arts plus a piano recital in Bonchurch.

Tuesday, 7th May, 2019 2:44pm

By Helen Foster

Rare sightings of Great Spotted Cuckoo in Ventnor

twitchers in Bonchurch by Sally Phillips

Usually resident in African countries and the Mediterranean, the Great Spotted Cuckoo has been seen in Ventnor.

Friday, 22nd March, 2019 6:57pm

By Sally Perry with 4 readers' comments

Pedestrianisation of Ventnor: First maps showing possible traffic flows released

Destination Ventnor front cover 28 April 2018

One of the first questions to arise when the pedestrianisation of Ventnor was recently floated was - How would the traffic flow? In this document, the town's council outlines their thinking + a map.

Saturday, 28th April, 2018 7:12pm

By Sally Perry with 16 readers' comments

Traffic diverted via Bonchurch after chalk pit slippage

leeson road chalk pit slip

Traffic will be diverted whilst the road is made safe from falling chalk.

Friday, 23rd March, 2018 1:58pm

By Sally Perry with 4 readers' comments

Palm Oil beach warning by Isle of Wight Vets

palm oil green and forster

Dog walkers are encouraged to be vigilant following reports of quantities of palm oil being washed up on Isle of Wight beaches.

Saturday, 11th March, 2017 11:48am

By Sally Perry with 5 readers' comments

Cancelled: Reconnect with yourself at this Isle of Wight Digital Detox weekend

off button

None of us have chosen to become dominated by the digital world. It just sort of took over. This Digital Detox weekend - in beautiful surroundings on the Isle of Wight - is your chance to disconnect and reset.

Thursday, 26th January, 2017 6:43pm

By Feature Writer

Oh no! Bonchurch’s brilliant novelty bench is no more

Missing bench

Despite being place for four weeks, once OnTheWight published footage of the novelty bench in Bonchurch, Island Roads moved with previously-unknown haste vanishing it the next day.

Tuesday, 3rd January, 2017 7:56pm

By Sally Perry with 7 readers' comments