Plans to decommission 100-year-old lens and mercury system at St Catherine’s Lighthouse

st catherine's lighthouse

It's part of the modernisation programme by Trinity House, which manages lighthouses for England, Wales, Gibraltar and the Channel Islands

Friday, 21st August, 2020 5:38pm

By Louise Hill, Local Democracy Reporter with 14 readers' comments

Isle of Wight council defer decision on tidal centre

county hall

The Isle of Wight council were set to approve the further investment to assist with renewal of licences and leases for the tidal energy scheme off the coast of St Catherine's Point

Friday, 3rd April, 2020 11:16am

By Sally Perry with 2 readers' comments

Isle of Wight council submit Undercliff Drive funding bid to Government

Undercliff Drive march 2019

When Dave Stewart became Isle of Wight council leader in 2017 he vowed to reopen Undercliff Drive

Friday, 10th January, 2020 5:52pm

By Louise Hill, Local Democracy Reporter with 13 readers' comments

St Catherine’s Lighthouse closes its doors to visitors and unlikely to reopen

st catherines lighthouse jeff morgan

Trinity House explain to OnTheWight why they have taken the decision to close the doors of this much-loved landmark to visitors

Tuesday, 7th January, 2020 12:43pm

By Sally Perry with 3 readers' comments

Poor signage, incorrect SatNav data and property damage on Undercliff Drive

Undercliff lack of signage from Niton 640

At meetings about Undercliff Drive the resounding opinion was that signage is woefully inadequate and needs to be resolved without delay. Residents say they’ve been met by a wall of silence from Isle of Wight council and in the meantime all properties have suffered damage.

Wednesday, 2nd January, 2019 7:39pm

By Sally Perry with 7 readers' comments

Long diversion for St Lawrence residents following damage to bridge

st lawrence shute

The diversion is in place following damage to the disused railway bridge following a road traffic collision.

Monday, 1st October, 2018 10:23am

By Sally Perry with 4 readers' comments

Undercliff Drive: Over 100 residents share their views at ‘quiet road’ meeting

undercliff drive green tunnel

Over 100 residents attended a meeting on Saturday to explore options of Undercliff Drive being reopened to through traffic, becoming a 'quiet road' and other suggestions. Vix Lowthion who chaired the meeting shares her report.

Thursday, 2nd August, 2018 3:30pm

By Vix Lowthion with 6 readers' comments

Undercliff Drive: ‘Quiet Road’ plans to be discussed at Coffee Morning

Vix lowthion - cycling through undercliff

A coffee morning held in Niton will allow discussion the options of reinstating Undercliff Drive, keeping it as it is, or enhancing the route as a Quiet Road for the use of residents, visitors, cyclists, horse riders and walkers.

Thursday, 12th July, 2018 11:31am

By Vix Lowthion with 6 readers' comments

PTEC project that council invested £1m in now on hold

PTEC-Underwater-turbines - and keplar scheme

Without the "financial support mechanism" in place, officers say it would be unwise to move forward with the scheme, so the Perpetuus Tidal Energy Centre (PTEC) which promised skilled jobs and renewable energy is on hold. It's unclear whether the council will ever see the return of their £1m unsecured loan.

Wednesday, 12th July, 2017 9:43am

By Sally Perry with 9 readers' comments

Palm Oil beach warning by Isle of Wight Vets

palm oil green and forster

Dog walkers are encouraged to be vigilant following reports of quantities of palm oil being washed up on Isle of Wight beaches.

Saturday, 11th March, 2017 11:48am

By Sally Perry with 5 readers' comments

PTEC announce partnership with two tidal turbine manufacturers

Triton tidal energy

The Isle of Wight tidal energy generation project announces their first partnerships with two global tidal turbine manufacturers.

Tuesday, 15th November, 2016 7:30am

By Rachel Wild with 10 readers' comments

Amazing aerial video of dolphins playing off the Isle of Wight

dolphins by procam

Forget any stills you might have seen, this video really shows you the majestic wonder of three dolphins racing the sea along the south of the Isle of Wight. Quite magical.

Saturday, 27th August, 2016 1:50pm

By Sally Perry with 6 readers' comments