Undercliff Drive: ‘Quiet Road’ plans to be discussed at Coffee Morning

A coffee morning held in Niton will allow discussion the options of reinstating Undercliff Drive, keeping it as it is, or enhancing the route as a Quiet Road for the use of residents, visitors, cyclists, horse riders and walkers.

Vix lowthion - cycling through undercliff

Vix Lowthion shares details of this upcoming coffee morning to discuss options for Undercliff Drive. Ed

Four years on from the most recent landslip, which resulted in the closure of Undercliff Drive as a Through Road from Niton to Ventnor for motor traffic, the IW Green Party is calling for an ‘all solutions’ discussion to the future of the route.

Hosting an ‘Undercliff – Quiet Road’ Coffee Morning (28th July, 10.30am, Niton Village Hall) a full range of potential functions and protections will be discussed. These include reinstating the road, keeping it as it is, or enhancing the route as a Quiet Road for the use of residents, visitors, cyclists, horse riders and walkers.

Sustainable future must be a priority
As the largest urban landslide complex in Northern Europe, long term solutions to land movements across the Undercliff are difficult to pin down. The area has seen many landslips in the last thirty years, and there will be more yet to come.

A sustainable future for the area must be a priority for the IW Council – and they must explore all options, not just a road for cars and heavy vehicles.

Lowthion: “Haven for flora and fauna must be protected”
Vix Lowthion, IW Green Party spokesperson, said:

“The Undercliff is a haven for flora and fauna and must be protected. As a family-friendly cycle route and safe wildlife walk, opening the route to local-only traffic and promoting to our visitors would be a great draw for tourists, and offer the best of the Isle of Wight for people to discover and explore, safe from heavy traffic.”

All welcome
The Coffee Morning takes place on Saturday 28th July, 10.30am, at Niton Village Hall.

All are welcome at the event, where teas, coffees and cool drinks will be served, and cakes sold to raise money for the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, who manage the St Lawrence Undercliff Woods nature reserve.

Thursday, 12th July, 2018 11:31am


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Email updates?
If government grants are available, can we (the majority of us) afford to throw this money away? Please up and down arrow voters, ignore the political parties represented and try to put yourselves in the shoes of the people who are actually affected. Onthewight have reported on their plight on a number of occasions. Do bear in mind that the road has been closed for over 4… Read more »
Maybe there is an opportunity here to develop a green tourism economy (big bucks!)on the Undercliff, while preserving it for future generations. The tranquility, wildlife, air quality and ease of access for everyone EXCEPT motor vehicles – destroyed if the road reopened – here are unique and have a unique magic which is a saleable commodity. I have no personal knowledge of the economic impact the road… Read more »

Can Vix bear in mind the economic hardship the loss of this road has brought to Ventnor.
Also, as a matter of interest, does the protection of Flora and Fauna extend to mining projects abroad?

Most probably unbeknown to Vix, is the fact that many of the residents, spanning from Ventnor, St Lawrence and Niton, had already been discussing complimentary economic proposals for the undercliff road, therefore it would be quite wrong to assume that this is solely a, Vix, initiative, it’s actually more a timely coincidence. Regarding economic impact, where is the evidence to support the assertion that the Niton to… Read more »

Whilst not being able to match your loquaciousness I can vouch for the economic effect on my own business and am sure that the bypassing of Ventnor by large amounts of traffic across the top road has had the same detrimental effect on many others.
As for Vix’s mining links – Yes, very relevant. How can this person stand as a Green whilst profiting from damaging the planet?

The top road isn’t a bypass of Ventnor, it’s a direct link to it, undercliff drive was only slightly more convenient for those living nearest to it. We’ve all become dependent on a extractive economy, which’s damaging the planet, and whilst I agree that anyone (all of us) involved in the process shouldn’t delude themselves that extraction isn’t what it is, it doesn’t detract from the fact… Read more »