Isle of Wight Conservative Association snag Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt for leadership talk

The Isle of Wight Conservative Association have managed to persuade the final two candidates for the party leadership to come to the Island to speak to Members.

conservative questions

As first disclosed in OnTheWight’s conversation with Isle of Wight MP Bob Seely last week, the remaining two candidates for the leadership of the Conservative Party will be visiting the Isle of Wight.

Both Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson will be speaking at the same event on the 27 June at an as yet undisclosed location. They will separately address the audience, then take questions.

Limited tickets
Tickets will only be made available to paid up members of the Conservative Party. Priority will be given to those who have been members of the Isle of Wight Conservative Association for three months or more (and therefore entitled to vote in the leadership contest).

Tickets are priced at £15 each, including a light buffett and cakes.

Bob told OnTheWight,

“I’m delighted that both Boris and Jeremy are visiting the Island this Thursday.

“One of the things that I promised when Islanders elected me as their Member of Parliament was that I would make sure that the Island had a higher profile in Whitehall and that Islanders would be listened to by our national leaders.

“The Island is the first constituency in the UK to host a dedicated event for both the candidates in their quest to be the next Prime Minister.”

Monday, 24th June, 2019 10:28pm



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Alternative Perspective

One candidate would happily sell our NHS off to Trump, the other is responsible for bringing our NHS to its knees.

Not much of a choice really.


It’s says everything about your politics when you have to pay to meet your own party. I suppose they think they will get a better life the irony of the elite. I feel sick at the thought of Seely, Whitehouse, and Stewart all walking round grovelling while some of our poorest are starving.

Alternative Perspective

Oui, “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”

the auditor
It is a damning indictment of the state of Conservative party finances, when the brainwashed faithful must pay £15 a head to listen to a carefully scripted tissue of lies. God help us all when one of these numpties becomes the next PM. Is this really the best our country can do? We can only pray for a general election and the mass unseating of many Tory… Read more »

The other choice would be Corbyn…. So basically no choice at all. I foresee a general election followed by total chaos.Each side is as bad as each other so we’re doomed…


Oh good, that’s what our island needs. Possibly the worst Health Secretary of all time and definitely the worst Foreign Secretary of all time, coming here to compete to see who can tell the biggest lies in order to secure the votes of the local Tory members. Couldn’t we just break the ferries that day and keep these awful examples of humanity on the mainland?

iain mckie

Why not get some of your IRA supporting and anti Semitic Labour Party MP buddies to even out the debate?

Alternative Perspective
As Boris Johnson paints a picture of domestic bliss in a Sussex meadow field I am reminded of Theresa May frolicking through an English cornfield. By contrast Jeremy Hunt is pictured lovingly holding a giant fish with a Cameronistic grin on his face. Surely visual metaphors that the proletariat are going to get shafted by either one of these candidates for PM, starting with £15 a ticket… Read more »
iain mckie

Every time that I think of the Left I am reminded of the mass slaughter they caused in the camps in Germany, the USSR, Cambodia, and China.

iain mckie

Toby Young: ““Socialism always begins with a universal vision for the brotherhood of man and ends with people having to eat their own pets.””


Would that be the same Toby Young who was thrown out of the Groucho Club for supplying and using drugs, is famed for his obscene tweets, supports eugenics and thinks aborting poor people’s babies would be a good idea?

iain mckie

I agree with this statement. I also happen to agree with his efforts setting up free schools. Some of his other actions turn the pit of my stomach. I also happen to admire the work of his father.

iain mckie

And when it comes to who can tell the biggest lies, who will forget your party’s lies on taking the UK to war in Iraq? 45 minutes; ring a bell?


Won’t work… They’ll be flying in by chopper no doubt… Time’s money eh?


Great opportunity for our MP to demonstrate to the next PM that we are not an estuarial anomaly but an island and as such deserving of island status benefits.

Mark L Francis

What kind of cake is there?

Mark L Francis

…not just a bunch of fruitcakes I hope.


So we can believe everything thing that Boris says. The photo that was not lol.