Isle of Wight cyclist, Tim Wiggins, is the UK’s ‘super commuter’

You don’t get the nickname of the UK’s super commuter for nothing. Isle of Wight cyclist, Tim Wiggins, is the UK’S super commuter and clocks up 5,322 miles a year cycling to work.

tim wiggins super commuter

Fern Cates shares this piece of interesting news ahead of Cycle to Work Day tomorrow (Wednesday 13th). Ed

Tim Wiggins, 26, a communications manager at from the Isle of Wight, is believed to have cycled the greatest distance to work in the UK, covering 5,322 miles in 2016 as tracked by fitness app, Strava.

As thousands of Brits prepare to get in the saddle for Cycle to Work Day on 13th September, the cycling enthusiast has already commuted 3,894 miles in 2017, expecting to surpass last year’s total.

By comparison, according to Strava’s end of year report, the average UK commute by bike is just 8.37 miles door-to-door.

Equivalent distance of London to San Francisco
In total, Tim cycles the equivalent distance of London to San Francisco each year, just to get to work.

The yearly commute includes an incredible 105,066m of ascent, which would see Tim summit the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, 12 times over.

Not your average commute
Tim’s daily 37.2 mile commute isn’t your average commute either. Based in the Isle of Wight, Tim regularly includes a detour ride around the Island before boarding the ferry to Portsmouth, where his desk at Wiggle, the world’s largest online cycle retailer, awaits.

Tim said:

“I commute around 10 hours a week, which amounts to between 250-300 kilometres. I’ve been putting in these early morning and evening rides for over five years now, and have commuted on everything from a mountain bike, through to a single speed road bike.

“For those people who have never thought to ride to work each day, I couldn’t recommend it more. You don’t need to take it to the extreme, but you’ll find you feel fitter, healthier and much more energised by the time your reach your desk every morning. With the right bike and kit, there’s are no excuses not to get on the bike all year round.”

Cycle to Work Day
Cycle to Work Day takes place on 13th September 2017 and aims to encourage adults across the UK to get on their bikes and have a go at commuting by bike for one day.

Cycling to work is not only a great way to save money and help the environment, but it’s also a great way to boost health and fitness.

According to Cyclescheme’s 10:10 report, with the average commute burning 235 calories, 50% of cyclists lost weight in their first year of commuting to work by bike and 82% were less stressed in the office.

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Well done, wish him all the best and safe riding for future commutes. Hope he can inspire a few more to do the same, think it would certainly help reduce the 62% of overweight Britains shift a few pounds and help out the NHS by prevent self inflicted ill health issues. Well done again to our islands very own wiggo.

Well done Tim. A fine example to us all, as a young man,(I am now in my mid 80s) after leaving the RAF I always cycled to work in Southampton and when I moved to the Island in the early 60s I again was on my bike. It never did me any harm and has probably helped me to have reached my present age. More power to… Read more »