Isle of Wight MP sets out his wishes for an Island Deal, including three per cent extra funding for council services

Bob Seely’s letter to the Prime Minister details where and how he believes extra funding for the Isle of Wight should be targeted

bob seely in parliament

Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Robert Seely has today released the letter he has written to the Prime Minister setting out the details of what the Island MP thinks should be in an Island Deal.

Bob’s letter consists of an evidence-based case outlining the additional costs of providing public services on the Isle of Wight.

There has been a wealth of evidence to show the significant additional cost of providing public services on islands to the same level as that enjoyed on neighbouring mainland. The Isle of Wight is no exception, as several research studies have proved.

Key elements of the Island Plan
Bob told the Prime Minister that he believed that any Island Deal should cover six areas: Local Authority Services, the NHS and healthcare, Island infrastructure costs, housing and the need for exceptional circumstances, a combined Public Service Model, as well as transport and ferries.

The key elements of that were:

  • £7.1 million for local authority public services (an additional three per cent on public service provision)
  • £10.9 million for the Island’s healthcare system
  • A combined funding pot for public service provision on the Island to integrate the Island’s health, social care and public services
  • A £5 cap on the cost of patient travel to the mainland to access vital NHS services
  • Investment in the Island’s rural economy
  • Reduced housing targets for the Island
  • Support to address cross-Solent travel monopolies

Seely: The Island needs greater support
Bob said:

“Ensuring the Island gets the funding it deserves to maintain and develop first-class public services has always been, and remains, a priority for me. This is the next stage in a campaign to get the Island better services. I have convinced the Government in principle that the Island needs greater support. We now have to work out what that will consist of.

“We have had some good wins to date: £26 million for Island Line, £20 million for Ryde Railway Pier, £48 million additional money for the NHS, the Arts Council giving the Island priority status, recognition that the Island is an island. We have had £100 million of additional government funding for the Island in the past 12 months, but there is always more to do.”

Prime Minister’s support
Mr Johnson first publicly indicated his support for an Island Deal in June during a visit to the Island – and reaffirmed his commitment to this last month in a public statement in the House of Commons.

The letter
To read the letter in full see below – click on full screen icon to see larger version.

Above news shared by the office of Bob Seely. Ed

Tuesday, 29th October, 2019 2:37pm



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8 Comments on "Isle of Wight MP sets out his wishes for an Island Deal, including three per cent extra funding for council services"

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Electioneering nonsense from an MP who has been an outstanding failure at delivering any tangible benefit of substance for his island constituency!

Jenny Smart

Must be an election coming!

Anyone fooled??


The Tories have cut the funding budget for the Island’s local government for many years.

And now Bob wants to maybe give 3% back.


Time for a change of MP.

Time for a properly Island based MP, not a visiting Tory ‘landlord’.


If Bob Seely is re-elected he’ll go back to sleep when it comes to the island, and will be off junketing on his overseas adventures for 5 years.

Time for a radical change of Island MP.

Benny C
Toothless waffle, delivering what exactly? Anyone can write a letter. What we need is someone Who is good value for money and who actually gets on and delivers something of real benefit. Unlikely that’s gonna come from here judging by performance to date. This role has precious little influence on Westminster. And – What terrible near illegible handwriting. The message that conveys is ‘I wrote this is… Read more »
I understand what you are saying, but just a word on the letter layout. BS is an army officer, albeit (I believe) an active reservist. The style of letter portrayed here is what JSP101 (the old staff handbook from when I was serving) is a ‘Demi Official’ letter, where the salutations are hand-written. As for the content, I am having a bit of trouble as it seems… Read more »

Is it me or are the last pages missing from this letter? It would also be useful to allow the reader to download the pdf format file to read at leisure. I got as far as Page 6 to find 7 and 8 missing.

Sally Perry

All pages are definitely there. If you click on the full screen icon, you’ll see a bar on the right hand side with a link to see the original PDF, which then allows you to download.

For convenience, here’s the link