Island Deal is on its way says the Prime Minister: But what does that mean? (updated)

It’s good to hear the Prime Minister has said the Isle of Wight council will be given the Island Deal – the £6.4m extra it costs them to provide services because we are on an Island. Will it finally put them on a par with other local authorities?

bob seely in parliament

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in last night’s debate in the House of Commons that the Island Deal will be going ahead.

He didn’t go into detail of what that would mean for the Isle of Wight, but following research by Portsmouth University, it was found that because we live on an Island, providing services costs the Isle of Wight council £6.4m more than other local authorities.

It’s the Fairer Funding Review
The MP and Isle of Wight Council have both called on the Government to increase funding by this amount as part of the Fairer Funding Review.

OnTheWight has asked the IWC whether the Island Deal includes anything other than the extra funding that would put the Isle of Wight council on a par with other local authorities.

A spokesperson for the Isle of Wight council confirmed,

“In simple terms the answer is yes, that is right it is about the case that we have made about the additional cost of providing services on an Island that we have raised through the fairer funding review. “

Seely: Politicians, EU and judges putting obstacles “in his way”
During last night’s debate, after some heckling from the opposition, Bob Seely asked,

“There have been some challenges for the Prime Minister in recent weeks, but is he aware that the more that my folks on the Isle of Wight see the obstacles being put in his way—whether they are political from people in this House, or from European leaders or from others, including judges—the more that they are willing him on and the more that they want him to stick the course to deliver Brexit on 31 October and restore trust in our politics.”

Johnson: “We are going to do” it
The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson replied,

“I thank my hon. Friend, who is a doughty and mighty campaigner for the Isle of Wight, as I have seen for myself. I thought that he was going to ask me about the Island deal that we are going to do—I can assure him that we are, do not worry. He is totally right.

“There are obstacles being thrown in our path. The conversations are difficult, but I think that, with good will from the Opposition Benches, we can still do it.”

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14.04: Clarification from IWC added

Thursday, 26th September, 2019 12:23pm



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Eagle eye

Don’t be fooled people, a general election is on the way and this looks like a sweetener.


Yep, crystal clear.!

Alternative Perspective

‘Island Deal is on its way says the Prime Minister: But what does that mean?’

A General Election is on the way.

Additional money was promised by our MP during his election campaign. £6m that we were owed as the Island Deal We didn’t get it in the 2017 budget (we received less money), we didn’t get it in 2018 budget (we received less money still) (both reductions our MP voted for). In 2019 will we get it backdated? I won’t hold my breath but if we do I… Read more »
Alternative Perspective

Are you suggesting the electorate were misled? Surely not.

But if it worked once, why not try it again?


Now we know that our MP wants us to Brexit on 31st October !

It means nothing, it is just Johnson waffle. It is like the slogan on the side of the bus that promised £350 million a week for the NHS. The musing of a Prime Minister who claims to want to unite the country but uses language designed to be divisive and inflammatory as possible. The pointless daydreams of the person who proposes to build a bridge from Scotland… Read more »
During the course of this debate, Mr. Seely also stated ” The Minister has talked about the spirit of unity. Will he join me in congratulating the 11 members of Her Majesty’s major Opposition party who are attending this debate? Having forced us back after demanding that Prorogation should not happen, the rest have all gone home.” Mr. Seely holds himself as something of an expert on… Read more »

What does it mean? More profits for ferry company shareholders to enjoy I should imagine!

Benny C

Whilst I’m not advocating remaining, maybe Bob should remind us that the net net net cost to the island of leaving the EU, (a cost which all islanders will ultimately bear), will be a lot more than £6m.