Isle of Wight NHS Trust misses major targets for care, figures show

The figures revealed by the BBC this morning are grim reading for residents on the Isle of Wight, as the Trust misses major targets and lags behind the rest of the country in many areas.

The BBC have pulled together target data for the Isle of Wight NHS Trust and presented it in an easy to read way so you can compare the Island’s performance with other Trusts around the country (see below).

As has been reported over recent years, the troubled Isle of Wight NHS Trust (which remains rated Inadequate by the CQC) has been under severe pressure with rising numbers of patients across many departments and a problem with recruitment (the Trust spent over £10m on agency staff last year).

Long wait for some types of care
Only yesterday OnTheWight reported that almost 300 Islanders are still awaiting mental health support.

Earlier this year we reported on the long wait for cancer care for some patients.

Missing targets
For convenience, we’ve shown the target results below in graphics, but if you follow the link to the BBC Website, you can use their interactive tool to drag along the tables and compare the Island’s position with other Trusts.

Click on images to see larger versions

OnTheWight has contacted the Isle of Wight NHS Trust for a comment and will update here once we receive it.

Thanks to Chris for the heads-up.

Thursday, 11th October, 2018 8:54am



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Email updates?
I pity the poor staff who must be under extreme pressure to deliver and improve. You can’t squeeze a quart out of a pint pot… My personal experience is they are superb. Consult to day surgery in 6 days. Getting staff is a major issue so all the current staff have to take up the slack even to the point of turning up when they should be… Read more »
Another Perspective
The staff delivering services at St Mary’s are truly amazing, and are constantly fire fighting to endeavour to provide timely care, but they can’t achieve the impossible given staffing levels and resourcing issues, that’s not where the problems lie. Problems have been a very long time in the making and predate the current administration. A few years ago many nurses were down graded so the Trust could… Read more »